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How To Avoid Harsh Makeup Lines

They say foundation is the perfect makeup product to conceal flaws and enhance your complexion. For one, it serves to minimize your pores and compliments your skin by giving it an even tone and radiance.

Unfortunately for most, aging skin and application mistakes can cause foundations to settle into your fine lines. This is something you would want to prevent from happening.

How To Avoid Harsh Makeup Lines

Follow along with us as we provide expert tips on how to avoid harsh makeup lines.

Cleanse Your Skin

You might end up with an uneven finish if you do not cleanse your skin properly as the foundation you apply will surely settle into the pores and fine lines. You must follow a regular cleansing routine before you apply your makeup. Doing so will ensure that you get rid of excess oil and dirt.

Use Chemical Exfoliants

Another useful way to prevent the foundation from settling into your fine lines is to use chemical exfoliants as it will make your skin younger and smoother. Remember too that the exfoliants slough off dead skin cells while boosting your skin cells renewal capabilities.

Moisturize Your Skin

You may pick up problems with rough skin texture should you neglect to moisturize your skin before you apply the best powder foundation or any other foundation. The trouble is that your preferred foundation will appear blotchy and it may very well settle into your fine lines if you do not moisturize.

Put a Primer to Good Use

Many women downplay primers and skip using them. That is not good. Primers fill up your pores and fine lines to bring about an ultra-smooth base. Not only do these make your makeup last a lot longer, but they prevent foundations from penetrating fine lines.

Settle for a Lighter Foundation

Lighter formula foundations will not settle into your fine lines. Even most medium coverage foundations, including the best foundations for oily skin, will not settle into the fine lines.
If you really have to use full-coverage formulas, do your best to blend it with a little moisturizer so it can be creaseless.

Limit the Quantity You Use

Another suggestion is to limit the foundation quantities you use. The more you use foundation, the bigger the chances that it will penetrate your fine lines, pores, and wrinkles. Avoid using too much.

Use a Proper Blending Brush

Another sure way to avoid your makeup from settling is to blend your foundation properly. By doing this, you will spread it evenly over your facial area and there will be less chance of it accumulating into your fine lines.

Fortunately, the makeup world is stocked with many good flat foundation brushes to provide a smooth finish.

Makeup tip: To help soften your lines, you can gently wipe your eyelid and brow using a powder makeup brush that has been dipped in pink blush.

Taking Care of Your Old Makeup Brushes

By making use of old, dirty makeup brushes, you can negatively affect your makeup application and your skin. This is what happens when you do not take the necessary care to clean your tools regularly. Dirty brushes are often riddled with all sorts of bacteria. When is the last time you thought of replacing your worn-out makeup brushes? Bear in mind that this is one makeup tool you use often. It deserves a good clean.

One can also achieve an amazing foundation look by using a setting powder. If this option appeals to you, opt for a lightweight option. The thing is, if your foundation is too heavy, it tends to settle right into your lines. The best way to avoid any streaky looks is to use a quality brush and gently press down on the powder foundation.

Be Careful of Applying Too Much Powder

Beauty experts discovered that through using too much powder, you will draw more attention to any flaws and your face will age much faster. Strangely enough, women who have oily skin, tend to touch up with powder during the course of the day.

The problem is that by applying powder to shiny areas, it makes their face makeup look cakey and heavy and their skin takes on a grayish appearance. Instead, make use of oil-absorbing sheets such as Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens, or Shiseido Pureness Oil Control Blotting Paper. When you do this, you’ll get to freshen up your makeup and combat shininess.

Picking the Right Foundation Shade

Your complexion may come across as too gray or too orange when you apply a foundation shade that is not suited to your skin tone. You need to ensure the base you choose matches perfectly to your skin tone.

Amy Conway, who is a professional makeup artist, reckons that you should test your foundation in natural daylight. What you need to do is swatch it down from the top end of your cheek towards your jawline and become your own best critic by analyzing how it makes you look.

Most times, you need to wait it out by letting the swatch remain on your skin for a while, so it may oxidize. Once it does, it tends to change color.

Avoid Harsh Makeup Line Errors by Setting Your Makeup Properly

Your base will last for the entire day if you set your makeup properly. You could always use a powder puff, then press a bit of loose powder foundation into your T-zone where it is more oily.
Nevertheless, you must ensure that you only set areas where it is needed. Maintain natural highlights near the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones. Just be sure to apply less powder over here.

These days, you can opt for a foundation that has inbuilt properties to match any skin type, whether you are blessed with acne-prone skin, dry, oily, or combination skin. What this means is that you can set your base to match your skin tone.

By using foundation that is perfectly matched to your skin type and tone, you stand a better chance of avoiding harsh makeup lines.

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