Friday, 27 December 2019

Direct Mail Marketing - Which Industries do Best with this Strategy?

Direct mail marketing is effective, but it gets costly at a certain point. While this method works for some industries and companies, it doesn't work for all. There are certain industries that perform better than others when it comes to promoting their products and services.


Retail stores are very good at advertising their latest sales deals through the mail. These businesses have sales that occur weekly, biweekly or monthly, including sales around different holidays and seasons. Some retailers change their product lineups as much as 10 times a year. Since their prices and product lines are always changing, store owners need to use as many promotional materials as they can.

Medical / Dental

Each year, dentists and doctors send out promotional cards to new and former clients. They send out reminders about checkup appointments that need to be made soon. Dental patients are expected to get their teeth professionally cleaned every six months. All types of patients are encouraged to get checkups at the doctor at least once a year.

The healthcare industry is always changing. New and improved medical technologies are coming out every year. Healthcare jobs are becoming more diversified and increasing in number. Healthcare programs are constantly changing, so colleges and universes need direct mail materials to advertise new programs and classes.


Insurance companies also have sales, but not as often as retail stores. When they do have sales offers, they may send promotional ads. However, they mainly use direct mail to send formal letters to clients who they currently do business with. Insurance companies may send bills to clients who owe outstanding debts or send response letters from agents concerning active claims.


Restaurants and food manufacturers have always been leaders in direct mail marketing. Many are known to send coupons through the mail, some send their menus and a handful send product samples. Other industries have copied similar methods set by restaurant marketers.

Real Estate

Like retail stores and dental providers, real estate companies also have many sales and promotional campaigns that need regular advertising. Clients can choose to opt into one of their direct mail marketing campaigns. They can choose to receive market reports, which show the latest updates about local, regional and national housing markets. They can also receive notifications about new and upcoming sales along with location-specific real estate listings.

Direct mail marketing increases lead conversion rates as high as 20% for many real estate agencies. There are companies that help agencies create, print and mail various promotional materials. The real estate industry changes more times than most people can keep up with, so most companies need a steady supply of materials.

Direct mailing works, but not for every industry that exists. Only a handful of companies will actually benefit from using this technique. It works better for a restaurant than for a construction company. In addition, direct mailers who have not created detailed marketing strategies will not have a clear plan. They will waste a lot of money and not get the optimal results they deserve.

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