Sunday, 26 January 2020

Building up your Digital Presence for Musicians

Are you a musician looking to start building up your digital presence? In the beginning you might be a bit scared. Not knowing where to start, you might find yourself baffled by all the different digital platforms and social media. Even if you are not and you already have profiles on all platforms, chances are you are putting efforts without getting the results you want. Well, if this is the case, we are here to help you out with a few tips on how to build your digital presence as a musician.

Define Your Brand 

The first and most important thing you should do is to define your brand. This would mean to find the thing that’s making you unique and that will draw people to you. The first thing you might be considering might be your music. However, you should think bigger and outside of the box. There are a ton of amazing musicians everywhere and most of them aren’t famous. The simple fact that you should come to sense with is that to be successful, you don’t only need talent and hard work. You need to know how to market yourself. And that means defining your brand.
Think about what’s most unique about your personality and what people around you find engaging about you.

Address the Latest Trends 

Once you have your personal brand foundations in place, you can start thinking about your digital presence and building it up. If you are your own project and digital marketing manager, then the first thing on your list should be the latest trends.

Industry behemoths may have resources, but they often don’t have the courage to take risks and experiment with new platforms, until they are established. That’s where you can have an advantage.
For example, right now Tik Tok is growing rapidly as a platform. This means that musicians, artists and other talented people and influencers will grow out of the platform in no time. Make sure to check out how you can get fans on Tik Tok and start upending your advantage.

Build Up your Traffic Funnels 

Another important thing to do in order to have the right digital presence as a musician is to build up your traffic funnels. What this means is that you need to choose one platform to be the hub where you want to send your visitors to and find places that will serve as traffic sources. In a sense you need to order the different platforms you have so that the traffic can funnel down to the most important one. Check out how to build up a website and set up an email list. Usually to do so, you will need a tool, so check out a mailchimp review or a review of other tools you would want to use and start using them.

Be Everywhere you Can Be 

People didn’t start searching for the Post Malone ethnicity before knowing who Post Malone is. However, once they were interested, there were places where you could find the information. Make sure to find all the different aggregates where you can register yourself digitally and put up all the information you can about you as a brand and as a musician. While this won’t have a direct impact, it will certainly help you build up a proper digital presence as a musician.

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