Friday, 28 February 2020

How Does A Floor Affect The Basketball Game?

The chances of getting hurt on the basketball court are pretty high. In fact, you would be surprised to know that 60% of players get injured while practising for the game itself, and out of those 60% injuries, 42% injuries are sustained by foot or ankle. Also, 62% of the injuries sustained are on the lower limbs, which signifies that the lower part of the body is more prone to injuries than the upper part. Now let us look at the possible reasons and causes of these injuries.

The game of basketball is a very intense one. It requires a great amount of stamina from the players. So the training sessions are definitely rigorous and exhausting. Now imagine if, in this situation, the players get injured due to poor basketball flooring. Or their practice gets hampered due to the degradation of the basketball flooring? Now one might wonder how flooring can affect a basketball game? Well, there have been clinical studies that prove that basketball flooring indeed plays a key role in the upkeep and fitness of the players.

First of all, the game of basketball involves great movement of the players as well as high pressure and thrust from both players and the ball. So the basketball flooring needs to be tough and scratch-resistant. Scratches can limit the movement of the players and thus hinder their performances. Also, the next factor that is important in the maintenance of basketball flooring is its shine and texture. Basketball flooring is different than other kinds of flooring.

The surface of these floors must be smooth, the slippage levels must be kept in check, the floor must be maintained regularly, and there must be a coat of polish on the floor. This polishing is done every three to five months to fill in the scratches. Also, basketball flooring needs constant upkeep and maintenance. So you must always get a professional’s help for that.

The last factor that you need to keep in mind that the basketball bounces differently according to different surfaces. For example, on a hardwood surface, the bounce level of the ball is different from that of on concrete or an asphalt surface. So keeping this in mind, the wood used in basketball flooring is the one that absorbs the shock so that the players may not get injured. But the floor does not sheer any bounce off the ball. This is a very important fact that you need to keep in mind while upgrading or renovating your basketball flooring. The flooring should not compromise the bounce of the basketball.

Why you need professionals to help?

You require professionals to help with maintaining the floor of the basketball court. As these professionals have the required skill and years of experience with them, they can help you better in maintaining a basketball court in a better way than you will do on your own. They have set procedures and methods which ensure that the basketball flooring is safe enough for the players. By using their skilled techniques, they also ensure that the basketball flooring of the basketball court lasts for a long time. Also, the finish of the basketball flooring, as discussed earlier, needs to be as per the standards. A floor that is too slippery is dangerous as players are prone to slipping and falling, and a floor with low slipperiness and high friction limits their movement. So it is always better to seek professional help to maintain basketball flooring.

So try to keep maintain your basketball floors. Who knows? The next Kobe might be practising in one of the damaged basketball floors, and given the correct environment and opportunity may be ready to create a storm in the world of basketball.

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