Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Will Commercial Kitchen Tech Transform the Food Industry Space?

Commercial Kitchen Technology has grown exponentially and the advancements in food technology and kitchen science have led to many food-based startups coming up with innovative services like hyper-local delivery, aggregation, food subscription service, etc. A lot of development in the food industry has led to the improved efficiency and productivity of commercial kitchens especially in the area of Cooking, Baking, Pre-Preparation, Food Processing, Meat Preparation, Quick Service, Dish and Warewashing. Commercial kitchen equipment finds application in Hotels and Restaurants, Catering Companies, Hospital Kitchens, Institutions, Industrial Canteens, QSR Chains, Bakery and RTEs and RTCs.

Will Commercial Kitchen Tech Transform the Food Industry Space

Factors that impact Commercial Kitchen: 

Hygiene tops the list of factors that may impact commercial kitchen. Today’s hotel and restaurant owners are very much conscious of the hygiene factor and prefer high quality Stainless Steel (SS) construction, that they can use antibacterial wipes bulk to simply wipe down surfaces to keep clean. SS material is known for their extremely hygienic characteristics, durability and anti-corrosion properties, thereby making them the most preferred material amongst a host of other build materials. There are other advantages of SS material, the explanation of which is beyond the scope of the article.

Durability is another important feature as most commercial heavy duty range of kitchen equipment are designed to withstand shocks and vibrations during use, and offer extended life even after years of use. Commercial kitchen appliances need to resist wear and tear, whilst at the same easy to handle and maintain.

Restaurant and hotel owners may also expect support on culinary which today’s most commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers are capable of.

Automation is changing the way technology is perceived and deployed. The commercial kitchen space is no exception. With an increasing number of commercial kitchen equipment built with automation, efficiency is seeing a newer high that ever before.

Modern-day heavy duty kitchen equipment is built to reduce power consumption. With mounting bills hitting the bottom-line, hotel and restaurant owners are finding innovative ways to cut down on operational costs.

Built to suit application:

There a range of commercial kitchen equipment including Bakery Equipment, Chapatti Machine, Dishwasher, Industrial Cooking Mixer Machine, Griddles and Kebab Machines, Fryers, Masala Grinders, Juicers, Coffee Machines, Commercial Vegetable Cutter, Ovens Processing Machines, Meat Processing Machines, Power Mixers, Garlic Peelers, Toasters and Holding Cabinets, Meat Mincers, Ice Cube Machines, Automatic Orange Juice Machine, Cold Drink Dispensers, Conveyor Ovens, Display Freezers, Rotisseries & Multisseries and Vegetable Processing Machine and many more.
Each commercial kitchen machine is designed to deliver a specific set of functions. Depending upon what the commercial kitchen needs to deliver, it can use a single machine per application or a combo of multiple machines for the same application. That is why the need to develop efficient and innovative commercial kitchen machines is of utmost importance. Sometimes, the application, though important, can be one-off which still entails a combination of different kitchen equipment.

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