Friday, 8 May 2020

7 Simple and Brilliant Life Hacks That We All Must Know

Everyday, there are always little obstacles in our life which can easily ruin both our day and mood. Therefore, to prevent you from having hard times in encountering those little problems, there is this one thing called ‘’Life Hack’’. Life hack could be any skill, method and shortcut  that will increase both productivity and efficiency in doing things. We are so lucky that the internet is providing us with a lot of life hacks that we can try and apply it into our daily life. So, here are 7 brilliant life hacks that will make your life so much more convenient.

1. Remember to tie a piece of vibrant-colored fabric to your luggage

When you are travelling abroad, tying a piece of vibrant-colored cloth to your luggage is a must. At the airport, you might be having difficulty in recognizing your luggage. Therefore, this hack will help you to identify your luggage at a glance. Moreover, this will prevent you from missing your luggage too. Remember that the fabric must be in a bright color for it to be eye-catching. As a result, it will be really easy for you to spot your suitcase in the crowd.

2. How to simply waterproof your shoes

Sometimes, you might be in an unexpected situation when you are going out . Therefore, knowing this hack on how to easily and quickly waterproof your shoes is important. This hack will help you in anticipating those unwanted situations. Beeswax and hair dryer are the only material you need for you to waterproof your shoes. Once you already have the beeswax with you, rub it all over your shoes and dry it by using a hair dryer. Once all the beeswax has seemed to dry, you are done.

3. Ironing button-up shirt

Ironing a button-up shirt can really be difficult and frustrating sometimes. With this trick, you can simply encounter this problem. Just flip your shirt inside out to easily iron the button side. When you do this, you will never struggle in ironing a button-up shirt.

4. How to check your batteries

It might be hard for you to identify whether a battery is good or bad. But then, there is an easy way for you to know the condition of your batteries with a simple science life hacks. So, you just need to drop the battery on the table from approximately 6 inches. After that, observe carefully. If the battery only bounces a little and falls right after that, this means that it is a good battery. In contrast, if the battery bounces for a couple times, this means that it is either dead or it is on its way out.

5. Quick cold drinks

You may forget to put your bottle of drinks inside the refrigerator, meanwhile, you want cold drinks so badly. Therefore, to get cold drinks easily and quickly, you just need to wrap a wet paper towel around your beverages and leave it in your fridge. After about 15 minutes, you will be surprised that your drink is almost completely ice cold.

6. Use nail polish to easily identify different keys

As you grow older, you may be carrying more and more keys. So, this is a perfect hack for you. When you are always bringing a bundle of keys, you might be having hard times in differentiating between your car keys, house keys, garage keys, and many more. Therefore, for you to easily identify your different keys, paint both sides of the key head by using a bright-colored nail polish.

Moreover, you need to use different colors for different keys. Furthermore, you will be amazed knowing that nail polish is so much more durable compared to spray paint. Try this hack and you will be able to identify your different keys at a glance.

7. Cutting onions without having to tear up

Many of us may be spending so much of our time cooking in the kitchen for our family. Therefore, knowing this hack is a must. So, to not cry while cutting onions is that you need to peel and cut off the ends of the onions. After that, prepare a sufficient volume of cold water. Furthermore, soak your onions in the cold water for about 30 seconds. Lastly, rinse it off and you can dice your onions without crying.

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