Thursday, 7 May 2020

Expert Tips to Shop Beddings like a Pro!

All of us want to have rich, crisp, and lush beddings that we would love to sleep into every single day. All of us also want to have special beddings for special occasions and guests as well, right? And, buying them seems like quite an easy task as well. However, just one visit to some high-end bedding store, and we know that there is much more to bedding than just the fabric and thread count. Patterns, styles, shades, trends, collections, and what not! There is a huge list of words and phrases that you must know before you set out for shopping the beddings so as to make the most of every single buck you invest!

In this discussion, you will find some of the basic things that you must know about beddings. Once you have read them, you will be able to shop all kinds of beddings like an informed customer. Be it a high-end brand or some regular utility sheets; you will be able to buy them in a much better way after learning more about the beddings. Further, if you used to buy keeping only the budget in mind, this list of expert tips will prove even more beneficial for you. You will be able to draw a better comparison between the price and quality of the bedsheets.

Now, without much ado, check out this list of ‘Top 5 Tips’ from the furnishing experts to shop beddings like a PRO!

Tip 1: Check the thread count AND the Fabric!

Thread count is always equated to the quality of bedsheets. The higher the thread count is, the more comfortable a bed sheet is. However, many manufacturers alter that by using silicone softeners, which is evident after the first wash when the softness goes away. So, instead of focusing only on the thread count, check the fabric as well. 100% cotton bed sheets are the best ones. And, Egyptian Cotton, Combed Cotton, and Pima Cotton are some of the best fabrics to choose from. Ahem, if you are feeling that things are getting a little bit out of your budget, worry not! You can also find decent buys in an affordable range and get better value out of your money.

Tip 2: Picking the right material is important!

The next thing that you should take care of is – Material. Bamboo Sheet sets offer unbeatable comfort during the summer season and humid months. Bamboo is soft, breathable, naturally antibacterial and doesn't have the tendency to stick to your skin. Bamboo sheets are comfortable and warm in winter as well.

If you want a light sheet go for cotton-poplin. Cotton-polyester is perfect for the people on a budget; however, the fabric is not as cool as cotton. Linen is yet another amazing fabric that keeps your body cool in summers. It actively absorbs your body heat throughout the night and keeps you comfortably cool.

That’s great; Right?

So, if you are living in a hot country like India, where summers can get really relentless, invest in some cotton bedsheets. Check out the latest collections online on major websites like AliExpress that have budget-friendly brand offerings. You can also make use of offers on AliExpress to make your shopping fit right inside your budget.

Tip 3: Patterns or Prints – Which one to choose?

If you are an avid shopper that sticks to trends and loves to entertain guests with a lovely and lively home, you might favour patterned sheets over the printed one. However, the patterned sheets require much more care as compared to the humble printed ones. Some patterns like ruffles, ribs, artificial feathers, and frills, etc. require dry cleaning and can bring some additional expenses as well. Further, the patterned sheets might also be uncomfortable in extreme winters and summers. They are beautiful but offer less utility. So, purchase keeping your requirements in mind.

Tip 4: The right weave for a perfect sleep!

This is something many people might not know much about. The weave of your bedsheets can have a lasting impact on your sleep. Many people get overheated once they sleep, while many people even perspire when they sleep. Sateen Weave is a very fine weave in which threads are woven in a satin fabric like manner. Percale weave is a matte weave with plain and crisp texture. Percale is perfect for summer and winter. So, always check the weave before buying the bedsheets.

Tip 5: Maintenance – A must-consider aspect!

Never overlook the maintenance aspect while buying the bedsheets. If you are buying a fancy set for gifting, special occasions, or guest bedrooms, then your expenses and effort-investment for maintenance are still limited as compared to using expensive and maintenance-intensive bedsheets that require dry-clean for every wash.

Further, if you have kids at home, there are an endless number of things that can go wrong, and in some cases, your bedsheets can get heavily soiled. So, be careful to choose your beddings according to your families as well. Opt for materials that are easy to wash and easy to maintain. Too light colours will not only get dirtied easily but also look faded with frequent washes.

Similarly, there can be other things, such as fake fabrics! Egyptian cotton is the richest and the best fabric for beddings. However, it is also the biggest victim of counterfeiting. So, a little bit of time devoted towards checking seller information and reviews might actually help you avoid any fraudulent deals.

So, this brings our list to completion. We hope that the tips given here prove beneficial to all the readers and that you buy your next set of beddings as an intelligent, informed, and smart buyer! For more expert suggestions, please reach out to us in the comment section.

Happy Shopping!

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