Friday, 22 May 2020

Making Gift Baskets in Canada - How to Pick a Theme

Let's be honest, getting a gift for someone is a challenging task. Whether it's for a family's birthday, a friend's successful surgery, or a colleague's promotion, it is never easy to think of a present that is unique and exceptional. That's why we need to thank the heavens for gift baskets! They have been the rave nowadays, and your options are indeed endless. Gift-giving had transformed into a fun, intimate, and special gesture when people started making gift baskets.

Many entrepreneurs took advantage of the gift baskets' rage and offered a wide range of variety to the gift-givers. Some even made their products available online, like But what if you want to personalize your gift and make it more special by creating it on your own? Let's then see the tips and tricks to come up with the right theme for your homemade gift baskets that will make your recipients remember you more.

Think of your recipient's personality, background, and experiences

Your gift will definitely be appreciated and cherished if it reflects the things that your gift recipient love. Think of their hobbies, interests, job, dreams, or goals. If they are gym fanatics, include some workout clothes or power bar snacks in your basket. If they're dog lovers, buy a shirt with a puppy print or bake some homemade paw-shaped cookies. These small details that represent what they like will make them recognize your effort and treasure your gift more.

Make it personal by adding something that you made, use, or experience together

You will share a knowing smile with your recipient when he/she sees your gift basket full of your memories together. Were you college roommates who share the same love for chocolates? Then include luxury confectionaries that are not found in the regular store. If you are both fans of FRIENDS, then buy some memorabilia and stuff your basket with them. You will make his/her day happier with your personalized and homemade basket and the reminiscing of the good, old past.

Choose a container that stands out

Don't settle with the typical wicker baskets to load your gifts. Instead, think of something that is unique, and that can be useful later on. Why not try a curated chopping board, a ceramic bowl or platter, or even a wooden half-barrel? Your theme can be rustic with the use of antique containers you can find from your neighbor's garage sale or your community's thrift shop.

Make your fillers right

You don't want your basket to look dull and looking-empty with just a bunch of homemade baked goodies inside. You can add color and life to your gift baskets by choosing the right fillers. You may not afford the fine wood shavings that you see in fine wine packaging, but you can still be creative by using colored crinkle papers, or dried, and fresh flowers.

The little details matter

The final touches to your gift basket are often the most remembered. Inserting small notes of wishes or messages, adding an exquisitely interwoven homemade bow, or boosting the basket's character with wired flowers are just some of the small details that will make your present more precious and special.

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