Wednesday, 10 June 2020

How Tarot Cards Are Used to Help Mental Health

If you fear the tarot cards because you think they will reveal something terrible about your relationship or career, then you really know nothing about it. You might even be surprised when you hear that a tarot card reading is actually used as a tool in therapeutic sessions.

And if you are wondering – yes, even the mental health professional uses the ancient tarot cards in helping their clients out.

One clinical psychologist described the use of tarot cards as a way of aiding her clients to figure out what is significant to them and what it is they want. When she reads the tarot cards for them, the latter’s values and hindrances to move forward are also discussed. Realizing these things and more are helping people see themselves clearly with the use of tarot cards.

Over the centuries, tarot card reading has transformed indeed from using it as a divination tool and look for the unknown to making them as guides in understanding the world better. But whatever approach it may be, the story behind the tarot cards is the same, that it provides an archetype journey for the soul – from being The Fool (a Major Arcana card that represents innocence) to ending at The World (another Major Arcana card that represents wisdom).

Tarot and psychology were first discussed together decades ago. And it was the eminent psychologist Carl Jung who introduced the tarot cards as a way to access the subconscious. However, to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the card readings, one does not need to have a degree in psychology or years of professional experience with the tarot.

Being objective and accepting without judgment is a good strategy. You don’t have to always ask what it means or weigh if it’s a good or bad card, just accept the card and see how it can help you make better decisions about the situation. You can try practicing being objective by accessing free Online Tarot Readings.

One aspect of using tarot card reading for mental health is ritual development. The regular practice of reading a tarot spread can aid with mindfulness and focusing attention on yourself in the present moment. It’s like you are meditating, and your tarot cards are your tool.

If you do it frequently before you start with your daily hustles, it gives you an idea of how you’ll approach the day even if you pulled an unlucky card. You get to assess your options and see a different and better perspective.

Most individuals who practice tarot card reading for meditation and self-reflection admit that it helps them understand their experiences and behaviors without the need for confrontations and blaming. Some also say that the tarot nurtures their self-compassion.

Overthinking about mistakes, wrong decisions, or dysfunctional behavior can really be stressful and adversely affect your mental health in the long run. Instead of blaming yourself, it would help to clear your mind and give yourself a break. And an excellent way to start is by meditating using the tarot cards and allowing your intuition and inner wisdom to calm your mind and guide you in understanding your actions better.

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