Wednesday, 8 July 2020

5 Benefits Of Applying For an Instant Personal Loan Online

Not too long ago, the process of taking a personal loan used to be quite boring and tiring. You had to fill up lengthy application forms and pay multiple visits to the bank in order to get your loan approved. With the advent of Internet and its constantly growing penetration in the financial world, things have changed quite dramatically today, for the lending industry too. These advancements laid the right kind of foundation for the modern day digital lending and banking operations.

Today you can easily avail an instant personal loan online, in a matter of few minutes. The hassle free availability of these loans is because of effective partnership between conventional lending institutions and the fin-tech start-ups. However, instant processing and quick access to personal loan money aren’t the only benefits delivered by such instant personal loans. Let’s tell you about some of the most important benefits of applying for an instant personal loan online.

Take whatever amount you want

The new age apps offering instant personal loan online enable you to borrow any amount you wish, from as low as ₹ 5000 to anywhere in the vicinity of ₹ 5 lakh, or even higher. Different lenders have different limits, however, the process is extremely smooth with all of them.

Borrower first approach

What really sets these instant personal loans apart is their borrower-centric approach. You’re given the convenience to apply for whatever credit you require, whenever you need, from wherever you want. For instance, if something comes up right in the middle of the night, you can instantly log in and apply for a loan right away. If you’re travelling and an emergency comes up all of a sudden, you can get credit at the tap of a button.

Quick online processing

A major reason why a large number of people use instant personal loan these days is because of their hassle-free online processing. Right from the point of loan application till the disbursal of the loan amount, the entire process happens online. The approval happens through an online automated software, enabling quick processing of such personal loans. This aspect is extremely important for people who need funds very urgently, and cannot wait for even a day for the disbursal.

No paperwork involved

When it comes to application of instant personal loan, there is no paperwork required at any stage. The entire documentation is taken care of on the Internet. All you need to do is simply upload your documents to the lender’s portal, along with the filled-up application form, all in digital format. Some of the commonly needed documents in this regard are address proof, age group, proof of income and identity proof. Conventional personal loans on the other hand require paperwork. You must gather a certain set of documents and hand them over to the lender for assessment and processing.

Real-time support

When you apply for an instant personal loan online, you receive real-time support from the lending establishment. It implies that the application is assessed almost immediately by the lender. In addition, the documentation process, loan approval as well as sanctioning happens all in real time. To give you an example, documents can be submitted by simply uploading documents’ images taken from a smartphone. Apart from this, the lender can also help you with other aspects like:

  • Documents’ pick up from your place (if needed)
  • Real-time tracking of the status of the loan application
  • Balance transfer related assistance in the future
  • Problem resolution with the help of AI chatbots

If you’re faced with some financial emergency and need an instant personal loan, you should check out today and compare the best personal loan offers from top-rated lenders in India.

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