Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Dressing Your Kids Up For Special Occasions

There are many special events in anyone's life when looking our best is a must.

From birthdays to weddings, family reunions and even galas, we all like to make a good impression.

But what about our kids? What should we dress them up with?

When it comes to dressing your kids up for a special occasion, as a mother, you will have to think way beyond the aesthetic aspect of an outfit.

Obviously, you will want your little ones to look their best and to be dressed accordingly to the occasion. But since kids don’t have the same resilience as adults to spending countless hours in uncomfortable clothes, you should also aim to dress them up in outfits which are not only comfortable for them, but also practical for you.

Forget about the latest trends and fashion guidelines and just go for a classic children clothing brand which has already established a good reputation for quality and comfort. Wholesale Kid Clothes are prone to all sorts of accidents like tearing or food and drink staining, and you don’t want to invest money into items you will have to throw away after just a single wear.

To help you navigate the intricate maze of choosing the right children clothing for special occasions, we put up a little guide with easy recommendations you can follow:

1. Comfort Is King

Comfort is a key element when dressing up your little ones. 

No matter if at home or at an event, kids rarely sit still. That’s why their clothes should be light, airy and soft, not only to protect their delicate skins but also to allow them to move freely.  Even if dressed up in little gentlemen suits or elegant princess dresses, your kids should be able to run, jump or climb without the clothes hindering their movements.

Also, you will need to make sure that the outfit is  neither too tight nor too fit. Children hate the feeling when their clothes or underwear ride up. 

And who can blame them, right? 

2. Dress Your Kids According To Their Age

Your kid’s special occasion outfits should not only look nice but also be age appropriate, so don’t overdress them! 

Little boys and girls should look like children not like miniature adults.

And if your little ones are suddenly vocal about what clothes they prefer, letting them decide what to wear is a great way to help them develop their personality and aesthetic taste.

Just make sure to gently guide their choices though, as many times your little girl will just want to look like mommy and put on make-up or high-heel shoes. 

3. Natural Fabrics Are A Must

When choosing your kids’ special occasion outfits steer clear of synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon or acrylic as they can cause allergies or rashes.

Not only these fabrics will cause your kids discomfort and sweating, but they can even catch fire easily if placed too close to candles or any other fire sources.

Instead go for natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool or silk.

4. Invest in High-Quality Garments

Buying a high quality special occasion outfit for your kids can be quite expensive, but in the end, so worth it.

Cheap materials and designs look as they are, cheap. But a high-quality garment will keep up with time, resist multiple washings and can even be passed on to next generations as part of your family tradition.

5. Accessorize Your Kid's Outfits

Extras are not only for adults. Well chosen accessories can make a child’s outfit appear more festive and add a cute finishing touch. Think custom colored hair bows, little fruit purses or tiny bow ties.
Talk about cuteness overload!

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