Friday, 3 July 2020

Things You Need to Figure Out When Ordering a Tabletop Banner Stand

Everyone knows why exhibitions, trade shows, and events go for extensive use of banner stands. They are the most effective advertising medium for them. But the potential of this promotional tool remains untapped. If you use them carefully, these banner stands can become the real carrier of any message that you wish to share with your audience. It can be handy for selling an idea, a product, and so on. It will not be wrong to assume that it can achieve more than what you imagine. So, before you place an order for it, make sure to figure out how you plan to apply it in your marketing campaign.

When you think of table top displays, extend your imagination to the use of graphics and wording in them for punching in the right impact. You have to decide what you want them to do for you. The message has to be crisp, easy to understand, and the overall feel of the banner stand should be eye-catching. But everything should be in balance to avoid the risk of going overboard. Here are a few quick insights that can help you come up with the most useful banner stand design for your needs.

Tips for using banner stands for table tops

While these are relatively smaller and lightweight items, you can expect them to deliver a humongous effect on the target audience. For this, certain elements have to be in the right proportion.


Tabletop banners can also have graphics just like the big retractable banner stands. Make sure any picture or graphic that you select for it is not too overpowering. The designs can be flashy, but again they should not be distracting. Otherwise, the audience may lose sight of your message. Whatever you opt for, it should be clear and straightforward. Also, stick to one image that describes your purpose the best.


Like the graphics, the wording on the banner stand has to be simple, crisp, and attention-grabbing. Don't choose too much of fancy font or color. Any regular size font on display is enough. Also, add only as much text as required. The banner display text should be able to come into the notice of the people. Once people show interest, you can talk to them and expand on the offering.


Just putting the right message and design is not enough. The whole purpose of advertising through it will get defeated if you don’t keep it at the right spot. Many people keep it in one corner, thinking it works. You have to be critical about where you keep it and why. Ultimately, you want it to pave the way for engagement with your potential customers. Hence, choosing a perfect location for it can go a long way. Anyway, when you place it, see that it doesn't become an obstruction for anyone.

Tabletop banners and banner stands come in numerous varieties. You can pick the one that suits your theme and mission for the success of your promotional efforts.

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