Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Will You Regret Not Getting a Wedding Video?

Most brides feel that getting wedding pictures and videos are overkill. Some people look at friends and family to capture essential parts of a video phone or camera. Even more often during the wedding planning process, they do want a videographer, but wouldn't want to prioritize it in their spending.

But it would be the biggest mistake that most couples regret at the end. Wedding videography is the best way to capture people's emotions and feelings on your special day. According to Popcorn Films:  wedding is essential and something you should have committed to paying for right from the very beginning of your wedding plan.

Here are some main regrets that couples have about not hiring a wedding videographer.

● The Bride won't be able to see the Groom getting ready: 

The Groom has his own plans going on; he can't tie the flower to his shirt, so his mother helps him out. His dad's not getting ready, because it's just going to take a second or so he thinks.

He poses for photos with his mother, as this is the day he finally leaves home. Even if he hasn't lived there for years, even if he's getting ready in a hotel room, the marriage day has many beginnings, and also many ends.

● The Bride would never see the guests arriving at her marriage ceremony:

Although the Bride is at home and getting ready for the most significant moment of her life, several things are happening at the same time. The stuff she's never going to see. One such event is the arrival of her family and friends at the wedding, all dressed in the "9s" and thrilled for the day ahead.

The guests will welcome each other and smile and laugh. Often the videographer is going to film this in Slow-Motion, making everyone look like pop stars.

● The Bride never sees the Groom coming to the wedding venue:

One of the very first people to see the architecture of a church or celebration of the Groom. It's lovely to have a shot of him entering with his Groomsmen looking like the footsteps of the film, walking slowly towards the camera.

Also, the guests will begin to arrive, and the videographer will catch all the greetings and the guests' banter. Sometimes, you can see a Groom becoming increasingly anxious as time draws closer, this can be endearing when you play it back in the coming years.

● No one will see the Guests emotional reactions at vows:

When you and your husband read your vows, something that you might have wished of for years, the feelings of the moment do affect not only you, but also the guests in the audience.

A professional videographer will collect all these moments, and when you watch your DVD / Video, you will encounter, for the first time, how that moment touched your parents, as a tear rolls down on your mother's face. You will see all the excitement on the faces of your Bridesmaids positioned behind you, and when you prepare for the first kiss, you will see the guests ready to break into applause and cheers.

The same would be right at other times during the day, where people chuckle at a funny voice, or a single girl dives for a bouquet.

● The day flies by so fastly:

Every single couple I've ever met says precisely the same thing, the day went by and I couldn't see anything. This is going to happen a lot. Particularly for significant weddings.

When you're hosting a vast audience, you're going to feel compelled to speak to any single person there. If you've invited 250 people, you won't see much, to be frank, it'll be more or less the same conversation, over and over again. Yet it's got to be done.

In this case, a wedding videographer would be worth his weight in gold. It will catch a full-day rundown that you can watch anytime you want.

● Bottom Line:

You see, there are certain aspects that photographers will never be able to capture — the vows, the garnishes, the songs. There is no sight of little nieces and nephews getting up to something, no cackle of that guy who laughs at almost anything, and no uncomfortable silence as the best man approaches.

A wedding is not only the most important day of your life, it's a moment in time. 

You need to have a video immersion to catch the true emotion of your fairy-tale day. Speak of this as a time capsule. One that you'll be able to unravel whenever you want, whether it be to celebrate your first birthday or your 50th anniversary with your grandkids. Thus, a wedding video is a family heirloom in so many ways.

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