Friday, 7 August 2020

6 Useful Services That Mogstation Offers you

Final Fantasy Account Management feels nothing less than a hassle sometimes. Like most paid online multiplayer games, you have to pay monthly subscription fees and there are just so many additional optional items out there that if you don’t use them, you would already one step behind your competition.

What if there was a way you could easily manage your entire Final Fantasy XIV account? 

Mogstation is an online account management system developed by Square Enix. This web platform would allow you to make subscription payments and purchase all kinds of upgrades and addition items that have been released for the game.

Below are the 6 most useful services that are offered by Mogstation         

1. Final Fantasy XIV Account Management

When you First login to the account, you’d see all your game info there. All your game related info along with the purchases that you have made would be shown there. You’d see your account status, subscription details as well as active characters in the game. It would also contain information about any friend’s campaign that you might have joined. This helps you take care of all your game related tasks in an easier and more effective way.    

2. Final Fantasy XIV Subscription Payment 

Managing online subscription for a game can get quite tedious. It just seems too much of a trouble because the process seems so hectic that you don’t want to go about it. There are no such problems with Mogstation. Using this platform, you can safely and easily manage all your game subscriptions and your other in app purchases. This is the primary idea behind this platform. It was meant to make things easier and simpler for you, in terms of game subscription fees.    

3. Final Fantasy XIV Optional Items

Final Fantasy XIV features a plethora of optional items that you can purchase to get an edge over your competition. All these items are available to you at Mogstation. From there, you can go on and buy the items that you want to buy to customize your character or to get new gear for them. You can use optional items like minions, fantasia and mounts to enhance your final fantasy XIV gaming experience. Plus, you can manage all the payments easily using this platform.     

4. Character Renaming and World Transfer

Mogstation would allow you to rename your character without even logging into the game. So, no matter where you are, you can go on and change the name of your character to whatever you want to. This platform also allows you to teleport your character to different locations in Eorzea. You can register different location by purchasing them and teleport your character to that world. The effect takes little less than a minute to take effect. This way you won’t have to spend a lot of time traveling through worlds for side quests.  

5. Automatic Upgrade Services

This service includes all the latest story patches as well a new item for the game that you can purchase. You can avail that upgrade straight from mogstation and it would be reflected in the game after a short while. This saves you from going online and looking for the upgrades yourself. Everything that you need, regarding the upgrades would be provided you right here on this platform.

6. Final Fantasy XIV Veteran Awards

Veteran Awards are given to professional Final Fantasy XIV players on the basis of their account active status. These bonuses are given by analyzing the status of your active subscription for the game. For example, after 60 days of account activation, you would be given Advent Attire, and so on. These bounces would help you customize your characters and they would also serve as a motivation for you to continue playing this game.

Final Words

Mogstation is a useful account management system for Final Fantasy XIV that you have to check out. Its features and benefits make managing your account a lot easier for you. Plasticrypt contains more in-depth details about this platform that you can check out. All in all, it is a pretty great service that is recommended for every final fantasy gamer. Make sure to check it out for an immersive Final Fantasy XIV Gaming Experience. 

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