Sunday, 16 August 2020

Best Gifts Under ₹1000 That You Can Gift To Your Colleague

 There are Plenty of occasions that ask coworkers to give gifts: holidays, birthdays, to say thank you for their help or to celebrate an accomplishment. Although you spend most of your day with them, it can be difficult to buy gifts for your colleagues. You do not have to spend a lot of money to show appreciation to someone, either. So we are sharing a few cool and not so expensive gifts that will make your friend/colleague feel extra special under 1000 INR.

Bluetooth Speaker

If your friend / coworker is an audiophile, there is nothing better than giving them a good pair of Bluetooth speakers. Why? Because they are portable, compact and can be used anywhere. They are rechargeable and also come in cool shapes and sizes. You can easily buy them under 1000 INR. 

Power Nap Pillow

Most of us love our sleep, and if your buddy/coworker is someone who likes to sleep and stare around, then this nap pillow is the perfect gift. This pillow is easy to carry, and the streamlined shape of the pillow gives the mind a resting position. Your friend/colleague can use this pillow to rest in the workplace, even in any place of his choice. You can buy this product below 1000 INR.

Screen Cleaner

Uses a computer or phone at work? This organic screen cleaner solution is for you: It is gentle on your electronics, but removes dirt, oil, and germs from your screen. Also, it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. So, if you are looking for a useful gift for your coworker below 1000 INR you can buy a screen cleaner. 

Photo Magnets

Personalized magnets can be used for both the fridge or the filing cabinet in the office. Choose photos of your colleague with you or his/her family and get it personalised. If you are looking to gift a girl coworker, it makes the best gift for girls. You can easily get it online under 1000 INR. 

Mini Humidifier

Help him/her cope with the dry winter air with this desktop-friendly humidifier. Along with its hydrating benefits, it will create a soothing aroma in the space. And you don’t have to spend a huge amount. 

Stationery Subscription

If they love to keep stationary, then sign her up for a stationary luxury subscription service. Every month, he/she will receive a box of high quality writing utensils or planner accessories, depending on which membership you choose. Just visit online and buy the subscription. 

Neck and Shoulder Massager

We all know things can get stressful at the office sometimes. A neck and shoulder massager is like having a personal masseuse at home. Gift your coworker a neck and shoulder massage under 1000 INR.

So, these were some of the best and useful ideas under 1000 INR which you can give your coworkers. Apart from that, you can also buy return gifts online from any reputed online store under 1000 INR.  Happy gifting!

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