Thursday, 13 August 2020

Can Psychedelic Drugs Be Used for Therapeutic Treatments?

Interest in medicines that originated in psychedelic drugs has grown recently. What makes us think about its effects and consequences of this medicine.

Medicine as well as science and other fields of study are always looking for ways to solve the same problems in a modern way. The use of psilocybin (the compound of magic mushrooms) has been very effective in treating anxiety, similarly LSD has shown that it can be used against alcoholism.

These drugs have been used in the past for therapeutic treatments, but because they have great consequences and are substances that you can easily addict, their legality is dangerous. Therefore, its beneficial use is being used with caution.

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There are studies that show that another psychedelic, called ayahuasca, has great therapeutic substances. There is a great mixture in the chemical DMT with other substances that makes its effect to be effective and to improve its absorption.

DMT has a very strong effect, making the individual leave his real world and have the feeling of being in a totally different world, and when mixed with ayahuasca the effect for another world increases from minutes to hours.

Ayahuasca for enhancing both the effect is considered both by its users and for those who study the effects one of the most extreme that exists.

Studies show that people who use Ayahuasca for years have a different part of the brain, specifically the thickness in the posterior cingulate cortex. There is less brain activity in this region.

At first it may seem like a negative factor, but it is precisely this part that concentrates the feeling of anxiety and depression. Another factor that also implies the size of the brain in this part, is the negative part of the working memory performance.

It is also noted studies that users also have greater control over the use of alcohol and cocaine. There is no scientific proof of this relationship, but he realizes that there are changes in the brain region. Changes of which can help to combat depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

You do not need to take any substances if you want to cause these effects on your brain. This brain change can also be done with meditation, being proven and effective in reducing levels of depression and anxiety.

The great advantage of this practice is that you do not suffer physically from diarrhea and vomiting, and also from any type of substance that can cause some type of addiction.

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Of course, we cannot start practicing without any guidance and think that our problems will be solved in a few minutes. There are professionals trained in this area who are studied precisely to guide us.

With the great development that we are having, substances in therapeutic treatments with psychedelic drugs are being analyzed and rethought in use. For example ayahuasca, a drink with a strong psychologist effect.

There is still a need for advances in research on substances to provide more information, but the powerful effect is certain and yet mysterious. A big barrier is our fear of these psychedelic drugs.

But we must not let that be a barrier. We have to motivate ourselves even more to study its effects and therapeutic benefits, just as these therapeutic benefits do not hinder the development of studying and conducting efficient research.

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