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How to Write a Critical Essay

 Life as we know it has misconceptions about a lot of things. For example, you might hear people say something is ‘critical’ and all you can think about is the disturbance in the habits of people and sometimes it might mean that a situation is not going as good as it should be. Critical thinking, for example, would require you to have an analytical and very keenly sharpened approach when you are giving your well-researched take on a book, film, DVD or works of literature. A critique can be classified as active and negative depending on the take that you will have on it. When you compile the analysis that you will give, you can include the things that other people have said or just give your own take on what you thought of the material.

Prewriting Stage; Useful Tips

Planning: Whether you are writing professional reviews or an analytical plan, it is important to formulate a plan that would outline and lead you on how to achieve your critical essay writing. Take the least time possible to plan, in your planning understand your hypothesis.

Brainstorming: Take time to collect data, information and ideas on the subject per the topic, note down the gathered information to help you come up with topical sentences and later organize them.

Writing: According to the length of your essay, your writing should take approximately one hour and twenty minutes. The plan developed from your planning stage comes in handy and guides on developing your paragraphs. In the process of writing critical essay, new ideas may arise and be keen to include them in your rough draft. However, stay relevant by avoiding clustering too much-unwanted content in your writing. The sentences and paragraphs in your essay must be well connected and allow a flow of information. It can be achieved by carefully and appropriately using pronouns, determiners, interjections and other parts of the language that create harmony within your essay.  

Creativity and Uniqueness: The ultimate goal of achieving the highest score for your critical essay is to struggle to stand out. Avoid being regular and predictable by utilizing the ability of the limitless imagination to come up with new ideas or presenting existing concepts in a new manner. A key point in being unique is expressing your point view. We might not all have same thoughts, how about presenting yours? It might be amongst the unique ones. It will, in turn, ensure that you remain original.  

Timely writing and submission: It is normal that your lecturer expects you to deliver your essay within a period of time plan according to your deadline to ensure that you complete your critical essay in time

The Writing Process

Make sure you understand and familiarize yourself with the topic of discussion, seek assistance for any ambiguity from your teacher or a guide on how to write critical essay in order to be certain that you remain relevant. Proceed to research on the material that is the subject of your critical essay and formulate your opinion. Consider seeking information from varied sources that will provide extensive knowledge on the topic and guarantee you flexibility in your writing. Take down some notes while researching and gathering data to enable you to come up with a proper and standard outline. While presenting your essay ensure that your essay is based on analysis to provide the reader with an unbiased view and have your article as a unique piece.

Now that you have your ideas formulated, your article is all prepared, and you have a well sectioned out plan. Carry on, having the initial part that provides a general view of your entire piece. The body of your essay should be organized in small parts that consist of topical sentences, with each section containing quotations from evidenced sources that confirm with your propositions. Have an outline that is logical rather than following the sequence of the book or film.

Your conclusion should clearly describe your point of critique for the reader. Your conclusion may try to illustrate the relationship between other important common issues within the society. The importance of a critical essay in many disciplines is to expose and present a different perspective on the topic of discussion.

Important Issues to Address

Lastly, consider doing a check for your grammatical errors, be precise and straight with your sentences, and the reader should easily comprehend your thoughts. Have a friend or two to go through your writing or read out to them to get a second opinion about your essay. You can also make use of the internet, there are various forum that support such discussions online.

  • Have your ideas with enough contents and description to make it complete and comprehensive.
  • Consider whether your opinion can be criticized and have support for it
  • Take advantage of further sources to provide extensive thoughts and ideas
  • A critique mustn’t always be contrary. It presents a different perspective for others about a book or piece.
  • Avoid repetition and ensure to have an introduction that gives facts and critical points

Almost anything can be subjected to criticism. It may be a travel and tourism coursework, in this case, consider looking at the weather conditions, the beautiful places to be visited and the upsides and downsides of that particular area.

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