Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Why Select A Metal Roof In Fort Lauderdale Florida

Due to a plethora of benefits, metal roofing is rapidly catching on with Floridian homeowners. Just the past ten years alone, the metal roofing industry has grown considerably! Metal roofs offer longevity, unparalleled wind resistance, low maintenance, and are fire-resistant.

Another point of note that is helping to propel the trend of metal roof installations is that of homeowners simply aren't moving with frequency. When people opt to live in one home for long stretches of time, it makes a lot more sense to invest in metal roofing.

The greater upfront expense of installing a metal roof is the only noteworthy downside, that and the inability to correctly color match if needed to make repairs. Metal roofs being as durable as they are, rarely require repairs, so the color matching problem is never an issue most people deal with. For south Florida homeowners, be sure to check out Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts.


Tying into the previous point that of people not moving as much in Florida, it is smart to put money into a roof installation that can last for a long time.  With a metal roof, the expected lifespan of the roof is anywhere between 40-80 years, depending mostly on how well maintained the roof stays. 

Superior Resistance to Wind  

This is the most significant selling point for Floridians. The high wind resistance of a metal roof is second to none, in a part of America well-known for roof destroying hurricanes. This provides some comfort to homeowners. A properly installed metal roof can hold up to the toughest of our natural world's hurricanes.  

The Look

New designs in metal roofing on many residences look fantastic, with a sharp departure from the older metal barns many people envision when metal roofing is brought up. With a large variety in both coloration and architecture, metal roofing immediately increases a property's appearance. 

Increase Home Value 

A benefit to installing a metal roof besides its longevity and aesthetic appeal is that a freshly installed metal roof will increase the value of the property. Would-be buyers will see the benefit of buying a home in which they could never need to replace the roof. 

Better Energy Efficiency 

During the brutal summer months, the AC unit in any Florida home is working overtime, often resulting in expensive electric bills. What many don't know is that this can be partly to blame on the roof, with many roofs being asphalt and asphalt absorbing so much heat, it makes an AC work more than it should. If an asphalt roof is an issue for the AC, a metal roof is its savior.  A metal roof reflects light from the sun, and with ease, will release any heat absorbed, resulting in a large savings of money for the property owner. 

Eco Friendly 

For homeowners conscious of the natural world, you'll be glad to know that a metal roof is 100% recyclable. As opposed to an asphalt roof, of which all of it goes directly into a landfill. 

Fire Resistance 

It may be easier to sleep at night, knowing that your metal roof is fireproof. Metal roofs can endure lightning strikes and wildfire and still not catch on fire. 

Reduced Insurance Premiums 

Many homeowners, after getting a metal roof, will be able to lower homeowners' insurance. As the insurance company knows, the likelihood of them needing to replace your metal roof is almost zero. 

As a plus to all the pros mentioned above, the maintenance of a metal roof is quite low. Figuring out which roofing material to select for new roof installation is a large decision that should be reached after being fully informed. The purpose of this writing was to bring light to the benefits of a metal roof installation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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