Thursday, 10 September 2020

How to Remove Wax Stains from Carpets?

Carpets have a way of setting the beautiful scenes for our homes. No matter the moment, whether it is to complement the feel of igniting romantic moments with candles or to beautify your room, carpets are always a wonderful option. As beautiful as your carpet may be, it takes just a wax stain to alter its visually appealing beauty. 

No one wants just a simple wax drop on the carpet to ruin their beautiful moments. Fixing carpet stains is far from rocket science. It’s pretty easy. You can get the help of London carpet cleaners to fix this and any tough stain on your carpet. For minor stains, you can actually carry out the cleaning process all by yourself.

This post will guide you on the steps to take to ensure your stained carpet returns back to normal. 

• Do not panic. Relax and take action promptly

The beauty of candle wax is best portrayed when it fits into its place on the candle. As the wax melts, it induces a more beautiful shape on the candle. The moment the wax drops on the carpet, its role of sparking beauty while on the candle is reversed. It makes the carpet look horrible. But, this can easily be fixed only if you can keep calm and act promptly.

• Get a plastic bag that is free of holes

For the steps that follow in the removal process, you will need a waterproof plastic bag that has no holes. If you can get a re-sealable bag, that will be perfect for the task. Do not worry if it is only a shopper bag you can get, that can also work fine. If you will be using a shopper bag, ensure you confirm that it does not leak water so that the process will go smoothly, without difficulty. Pour some ice into the bag and fill it up. After this, apply it firmly into the area that is stained with wax. This is to ensure that it completely hardens. 

• Wipe off the wax

After the wax has now been frozen, the next step is to scrape it off from the surface of the carpet as best as you can. For this step, make use of a very blunt knife, but carry this out with extreme safety to prevent the carpet fibres from getting damaged. Do not be hasty. Just take your time and take safety measures to ensure the safety of both you and the carpet.

• Use a warm iron on the area

Now that you have scraped off the wax from the carpet, get a neat towel, or any other suitable material like kitchen paper, and then place it on the strained area. The next step is to gently press a warm iron over the stained area. The aim of this is to let the towel or paper absorb the wax that is left on the carpet after you have scraped off some of it. You would not want to get your carpet burnt during this process. Therefore, you should ensure that the iron is concentrated on the towel or paper and kept away from the carpet.

• Grab a cleaner to sponge the stained area

After ironing the surface of the stained area, most of the stain would have been dealt with, but ironing may not completely wipe off the stain, and some wax may still be left. If you can get a carpet cleaning solution, then it can be used on the stain that is left. Apply the sponge and the solution on the surface of the stain. When doing this, remember to follow the instructions from the manufacturer to prevent mistakes.

• Bring the cleaning process to a conclusion

After you have carried out all the steps above, your carpet should be clean already. You can make some finishes by applying some carpet freshener on the area that was stained. If you don’t have any at your disposal, do not stress, your carpet should already be fine as it is.

• Wrap up the process

Now that you know how to remove wax stains from the carpet, you will agree that it is nothing close to rocket science, although it may not be extremely easy either. When next your carpet gets stained with wax, you can relax and be sure that you know exactly what to do to make it as sparkling as new.

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