Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Why You Need A Roof Inspection?

Have you had your residential or commercial roof inspected recently? 

If not, you might be missing signs of serious, potentially expensive damage. Hiring a professional roof inspector in Northern California - at least once every year - is the best way to save yourself from high repair costs. 

You might not think you need to pay for a roof inspection, especially if you recently bought your home. But it’s worth it the investment. 

Storm damage inspections

Storm damage to your roof isn’t immediately easy to see. You might spot a cracked shingle or a missing tile, but you won't notice the damage to your roof’s internal structure. 

The longer you wait to have your roof inspected after a serious storm, the more you’re risking leaks, roof sag, and other issues spreading. Most experts recommend calling a professional roof inspector anytime you think your roof was damaged in stormy weather (even if the damage seems pretty minimal). 

Commercial roof inspections

Want to keep your bills low as a business owner? Have your roof checked out by a commercial roofing contractor every year. 

Commercial roofs require regular upkeep, just like residential roofs. The only difference is that they’re bigger and more complicated. That means maintenance and repair costs will be higher!

Stay ahead of potentially costly damage with regular commercial roof inspections, and save your business money in the future.

Where to find a roof inspector

Looking for a great commercial or residential roof inspector? 

Get in touch with your local roofing company. Expert contractors will evaluate your roof for a reasonable price and advise you on the next steps. It's the easiest, most affordable way to ensure the safety and quality of your roof in the future. 

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