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Blogging for Fun and Profits: How to Get Started with WordPress

It isn't rocket science to blog for fun and profit. It's easy to blog for fun and profit; follow your passion and just add money sources.

From day # 1, your job is to speed up your performance by being an entrepreneur who blogs. Think like a person in the business.

A long time ago, most of the successes preferred to be pros. For one reason or another, some of you with enormous, passionate followings have not monetized. You're leading a worldly life now. Monetizing leads to more wealth,, and you use the money to live a worldly life.

As more people or users engage with your blog, the more chances exist for your blog to grow. If you provide valuable information, specifically for targeted audiences or users,, then it will become an ideal place to discuss everyone’s point of view or opinions. 

Blogging for Fun and Profits - How to Get Started with WordPress

A blog that frequently, they update content daily and focus on promoting companies’ ideas. You can do this by marketing.. 

In today’s article blog post,, I am going to discuss how to do blogging for fun and as well as for-profits.

Are you ready to start making money and want to have fun with your blog now? Let’s get started on the process of making a new website or blog for fun and profits.

Start With Planning Process

First of all, you will need to decide precisely what kind of blog you will be and the number of pages you are going to show. Usually, there will be a homepage on the blogging platform, where each recently updated content displayed.

Exactly what sort of material you can buy, write, or create should be part of the planning process? It is necessary never to stray far from the blog's actual intent.

Define Your Niche

It is important to remember that the main goal or focus of your niche or content is to provide valuable information to the audience, not to sell them. Only writing about product description or writing sales tips might seem comfortable but not actually real. 

Take a look at the personal interests of your buyer and assemble them into groups. Your writing will focus on these groups and their corresponding personas and direct you. Now you can start to discuss some general topics.

If you have existing potential buyers or customers,, then it is excellent for blogging inspirations. Be first to think of your client’s question and your answers on a daily basis.

By answering customer’s problems by writing blog posts, then blogging can be fun in this way. 

Write what you are passionate about, or do research

There are many methods to find a niche. So always decide to choose a topic that you know or a topic that you are passionate about. 

For me, technology and marketing are the best. Or programming and gaming can be,, but it depends on your passion. Also, it is a good idea to narrow down all these topics.

Write KICK-ASS Blog Name

Ideally, your blog name should specifically refer to your niche or theme, so people can always find out what your blog is about.

Whatever you like, of course, you can name your blog. Some bloggers pick an uncommon word in a sentence. Others often use names.

Be mindful, however, that within a search based on the name itself, if you go this direction, you may lose some people who may have clicked on your blog.

Either in the tagline, with pictures, or by making some other easy way to tell users what your blog is about, make it clear what your blog is about immediately.

Get Quality Web Hosting

What is the logic behind web hosting? It means that your blog has its website when you host your blog on the internet.

Hosting simply means keep your website active 24 hours so that everyone can access from her/his devices anytime. There are many hosting platforms on the internet. Do some google,, and you will have the best hosting services. 

Install WordPress CMS

WordPress is like your house sitting on the property of your website. From here, actual work is going to start.  Now you have to write, edit, and publish your very first blog post. WordPress is only the beast you are going to use. It is not only able to write blog posts but also can let you build your website along with customization.

To link it to your website, you'll need to install WordPress. It's super quick, fortunately like Easy One-Click.

Design the Blog

WordPress offers your created post editor and dashboard for theme customization. It is an easy website builder that lets you create your blog. There are various features available like colors, font size, font type, and other customization. 

Understand exactly that your target audience will see exactly what you are making when designing the blog. Creating the whole blog and updating the first post within just a few hours is possible.

When designing your site, it’s also important to make sure you're using some of the most recommended WordPress plugins to customize the look and feel of your site.

Content Building Strategy

The success of any blog or website starts with writing solid based, high quality,, and search engine friendly articles. Also, keep in mind that it must have all answers your readers might have. You can also create videos, articles, and other subjects like animations or guides.

Attempt to create at least ten different posted blog entries before launching the site.

Tell a story | Compel your readers

Stories are a great way to do long-term sales and marketing. It goes perfect for all blogs.

Storytelling is a technique which will engage and make the audience more responsive. Everything puts them in a familiar and enjoyable sense and shows how the company fits into their lives.

Promote Your Site

The other way that people can recognize that there is a blogging platform is to promote it. You can do this in several ways, including the use of social media. And also, you after following all steps. Now you can monetize your site and can earn easily. It's gonna be fun for you.

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