Wednesday, 11 November 2020

How to Resolve Common Roadrunner Email Login Issues?

Roadrunner is a mailing service with a huge number of active users. Roadrunner email is getting popular as this mailing service provides good storage space and offers additional services. Roadrunners provide a reliable service and chances of getting any error is very low. But if you are a new user then you may face email login issues. This is a very common Roadrunner which you can troubleshoot by using some manual techniques.

Possible reasons behind Roadrunner

  1. You are entering wrong credentials
  2. Spectrum Net server is showing error
  3. Error in IMAP or POP settings
  4. Connection issues
  5. Error is a server configuration
  6. Your Roadrunner account gets disabled temporarily due to any suspicious activity

Resolving Roadrunner email login issues

Check your Roadrunner settings

The Roadrunner settings must be correct for proper functioning. Whenever your Roadrunner mail shows any error, check the settings immediately. Open the settings of your Roadrunner email and check for these settings:

Roadrunner incoming server

Username: Your email address

Password: Your Roadrunner password


Port: 110

Security Type: None

Roadrunner outgoing server 


Password: Roadrunner password


Port: 587

Security Type: None

Required sign-in: Check

Inspect all the columns and then check for the error. If the Roadrunner outgoing mail server not working then you should ask the Roadrunner team for help.

Check for the spectrum

Roadrunner login error can also occur due to spectrum email down. Check the status of your spectrum. If the spectrum is running low then you need to wait until it starts working.

Unlock your Roadrunner email account

If your Roadrunner account is inactive for a long time then your account may get locked temporarily. The Roadrunner admin blocks the incoming and outgoing service. For unlocking your Roadrunner account, you need to contact the Roadrunner team. Your account can also get blocked when your email account inspects any suspicious activity. This mainly appears when someone login Roadrunner account from two different geographical locations. Sometimes your account can also show the login error when your device is connected to an unsecured or shared internet connection. 

Reconfigure your email settings

Sometimes the user makes few changes in the settings which cause the login issues. If the login error is appearing after making any change then you should revert the changes. Go to the general settings tab and undo the changes. 

Check the size of Attachments

If you are facing errors with Roadrunner then you should immediately check the attachments. Roadrunner email has a size limit for sending an attachment. Check the size limit and then check your attachment. If the attachment size is large then try to send the attachments in parts. You should also check the type of attachments. Roadrunner will show you errors if you are sending attachments with wrong extensions.

Mark Spam 

Your Roadrunner can also show the error when your inbox is getting lots of unwanted emails. Most of these mails are spam. These spam emails not only flood your inbox but can also carry potential malware. If you are getting lots of spam messages then mark them as spam. Once you mark the email as spam then you won’t receive the email on your inbox from that email address. 

Check for the recipient address

If you are unable to send email to a particular recipient then you should immediately check the address. People often mistype e/i, 1/l, r/s, m/n while typing the recipient’s address. Make sure you haven’t marked the recipient address as spam or blocked. Check the block and spam list. Now again try to send the email.

If you are unable to fix the Roadrunner related issues manually then you should ask the Roadrunner technical team for help.

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