Thursday, 17 December 2020

6 Step Vendor’s Guide to Sell Your House in Spring Market

When you want to sell your house, you always hear that it is best to do this in the spring. But is this actually correct? This season is by far the best season to get your home ready for sale. Isn't this the best season for everything, by the way?  

The winter blues are over, the first sunny days are just around the corner, and all the colors start to reappear in nature. Your photos look good, your garden looks radiant, and your buyers are happy because they can come to the viewing.  

When you sell your house in the spring, you have a lot of competition. Most of the people want to sell their home before the summer. But that doesn’t mean you are restricted to sell in spring only. The actual best time to sell your house is when you are ready for it. If you want a little less competition, choose any other season.  

Well, now you are ready to sell in spring. The next step is: is your house ready? If you are going to start selling, you only get the chance for a first impression once. It must be right away! Everyone is increasingly visual, the more beautiful the picture, or the more people come to see your house. Don't forget: After all, you want a vision where people immediately fall in love with your house. In order to achieve this, you may first need to clean up, paint a bit, make the garden nice and tight, or do other things that make your home really ready. 

What exactly can you do to present your house in the best possible way in spring and thus sell it wisely? 

In this blog, I will give you the tips you need to sell your house in the best way in the spring season.  


1. Tidy up your home 

The most logical tip, but it is all too often forgotten: tidy up your home. A neat and tidy house will radiate more peace and space. You may think it is better to be 'pleasantly messy', but that does not apply to the prospective buyer. 

A house that has not been cleaned up is more difficult to separate from the current owners. Making interested people find it more difficult to see themselves living in it. Also, remove unnecessary furniture. They make your house busier and therefore smaller. 

Make sure floors are clean, windows washed, and cabinets dusted. Order and tidiness give your visitors the necessary confidence: "If it looks so clean now, the house will always be well maintained." 


2. Take away personal items 

Candidate buyers don't want to know what you like or how you live. They want to discover how they could live there themselves. That is why it is best to ensure a neutral living environment. Get those family photos off the closet and paint that bright yellow wall white. Nobody wants to admire your collection of beer glasses. It's all about the home and the spaces. Simplicity is very important. 

It is not because there are no personal items in the house that your home cannot be cozy. A lighted candle in the bathroom and a fresh pastry on the counter can create a lot of atmospheres. All these things help to strengthen the empathy of the prospective buyer. 


3. Decorate your home in a cozy way 

Sufficient greenery in the house ensures a relaxed and fresh environment. In addition, flowers and plants provide healthy, purified air. They also influence the smell of your home. A number of beautiful house plants, flowers, and smaller plants can give a home or apartment a green boost. Your space will immediately become more homely and cozier. 

Do not choose especially strong scented flowers or plants with screaming colors. Stick to simple green with a colorful accent here and there. 


4. Clean up and decorate your garden 

A garden is one of the most important assets of a home. Pull out the weeds, sweep the patio, get rid of those garbage bags, and mow the grass. Decorate your garden and or terrace. Prepare the parasol, barbecue, and garden furniture. This way, you create a summer atmosphere, even if you already sell your house on a sunny day in March. 

Also, prepare for a garden visit during the tour. It is best to put a dry mop or mat at the back door or sliding door to clean the shoes after your visitors visited the garden. This way, everything stays clean and ready for the next visitors. 


5. Keep the outside of your house spotless! 

Now you should also look at the outside of your house. I understand that this weather isn't inviting for a spring cleaning, but this really pays off. Remove the leaves from the gutter. Green side walls of dormer windows give the impression that the house has not been properly maintained, so this is also important. When the sun is low and shining in, dirty windows are all the more noticeable, so cleaning pays off here too. 

6. Don't forget the inside living of the house 

And of course, just like in spring, summer, or autumn, you have to make sure that the inside of your house is completely ready for sale. 

The first place they see is the hall. People want value for money, and one of the things they usually look for is space. Make sure this is already visible in the hall. So, make sure you maintain this as well. 

Are you curious about what your house is actually worth or want more tips on selling? Contact the best real estate agent in Clyde North or your surrounding suburb who helps to improve the sale of your house?

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