Sunday, 27 December 2020

AC Cover – Do You Need To Cover Your AC Or Not

When it is summer months, you end up using your air conditioner more than anytime else. The scorching sun rays will force you to turn on your AC just to keep the interior temperature cool. Even during night time, soothing AC air will give you a good night sleep. However, things might change with the winter season approaching. When the season is all cold outside with snowfall, you will not need to turn your AC on. At this point, your unused machine will attract as much dirt and dust as possible. However, it won’t be the case if you can get a cover for it. 

Covering your AC machine when not in use is always a prime way to improve and maintain its longevity. Not just covering the interior split machine but you need the best and strong fabric for covering the machine’s outbox. This portion remains outside of your house and more prone to harsh weather conditions. Whether it is snowing outside or heavily pouring, covering this machine with a good and tough fabric is what you need to extend its lifespan.

Upsides of covering your AC:

Now people have mixed emotions with covering up the AC unit. Some are with it and others are against it. Now, you need to be sure of the positive sides, which ensure that your AC gets covered for the longest period of time.

  • In some of the warmer parts of the world, where the use of AC is high, you are just better off with forgetting a cover.
  • However, with the colder parts with more snow and ice, AC covers are likely to provide that line of protection right between your AC unit and that falling natural hazards.
  • Falling ice from the roof or even overhangs will easily damage the outside unit beyond repair to some extent. Even if you can repair, that will cost you a great deal of money, especially when you are using it in warmer weather conditions.

The recommendation you can opt for:

Whenever you are planning to use ac cover, make sure to turn the power off to the unit first. You have to do that at the disconnected box, which remain located by the AC unit. This step will prevent you from accidentally turning on the AC when you are in the middle of the covering process. 

  • Make sure to turn the outdoor unit off, for which the homeowner needs to go outside and turn it on when the cover is on. The main goal is to see if the cover is able to stick to the outdoor unit, even when it is turned on.
  • There is another way for you to cover the AC and that is by using plywood to fit right on top of the outdoor unit. This step will provide major protection from falling ice or snow.

Now the kind of cover you want for your AC unit is your sole decision. Go through all the options before making a call.

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