Thursday, 28 January 2021

10 Wedding Suit Rules Every Groom Must Know!

We, humans, have a tendency to make rules for everything and every occasion. I personally do not understand their allure. You know why would I want to tie myself down to a set of rules when I can do something more interesting while breaking them. 

However, at times it’s just best to go with the flow of the rules and regulations of the society. You must be thinking why? The answer well is that even though we might like them they do protect us in a world where most of everyone does follow these rules. 

A wedding is a special day for both the bride and the groom. People who will be attending your wedding many times are like vultures ready to ear every small mistake like it is a mouse or a snake. We don’t want to provide them with any ammunition for the same, now do we? So let’s talk about 10 wedding suit rules that every groom must know so that he is not embarrassed at his own wedding: 

1. Let’s talk tie: The tie you wear on your wedding day should definitely match your suit. The colour should complement the suit. It can also match your shoes and other accessories. In case you are planning to wear something from the special men’s ethnic footwear collection then that is good too. The length of your tie should not go below the upper part of your belt. Any longer and it would look like an elephant’s trunk, no jokes. Also, it is best to choose the Windsor knot for the tie. There is no knot that looks better than this one. 

2. Lapel Life: In case you are planning a theme wedding and your wedding is going to be set in the past then you should wear a suit with wide lapels. However, if you are planning a normal modern wedding a suit with thin lapels would be great. Wide lapels would never look with men’s leather sandals. They would only look good with the classic oxfords or brogue shoes. 

3. Cuff Calf: Now let’s talk about the cuffs. Well, not everyone can carry showing cuffs off well. You should make a conscious choice of if you want to show your cuffs or not and if you are one of the few who will look with a showing cuff. In case you do decide to show off your cuffs then about 1 cm is good, however, there are no restrictions on how much cuff you should or could show. 

4. Sock Shock: There is a new trend nowadays where grooms have given up socks completely. However, when they do wear socks, mostly they like to wear longer socks as they are comfortable. In summer, however, a few grooms decide to wear shorter socks. One thing is that the type of socks depends on the type of shoe you are wearing. In summers many grooms wear tapered pants which they often pair with men’s ethnic footwear or men’s leather sandals. They are a chic style.  So, accordingly, you choose your sock’s colours, design, size, type, etc. 

5. Belt Bells: Well, belts have a style and texture of their own now. Many people have started to make trousers without belt loops, hence, doing away with belts altogether. However, belts do add a certain glamour to your suit especially when you unbutton your suit jacket while sitting.  Think belts are more in style now but I still recommend that you should what would suit your style. 

6. Shoe Shop: Mostly for weddings, it is recommended that the shoes be chosen from the classic shoes of all times that is the oxfords, the brogues, or the monk straps. However, many grooms are going out of the box and are pairing their suits with sneakers. Many who often have a beach wedding often pair it with men’s ethnic footwear like men’s leather sandals, slip-on, mules, etc. All these look great. Honestly, it’s more about if the person who is wearing them can carry it or not. You should have the mindset of standing apart from the crowd. 

7. Shoddy Shoulder:  Always make sure that the shoulders of your suits are not shoddy. No matter if you are getting it stitched or buying off rack, your shoulders should not be too tight or too loose. They should just fit perfectly. 

8. Colour Code: Depending on the location, weather and theme of your wedding choose the suit colour. Lighter shades like white, light blue, light grey are good shades for a summer wedding. More darker shades are good for winter.  Choose your shoes accordingly. 

Weddings are once in a lifetime events and also one of the most memorable days of one’s life.  Every man wishes to make memories of the day by showcasing his best fashion statement. Afterall, compliments make the occasion even special. Additionally, one day you will be boasting your sense of styling in front of your kids as well. But praises don’t come easily. To be the best looking man in your wedding requires a keen eye for fashion. Luckily, I have been dressing grooms for quite a few years now and enjoy making them ‘the man to be adored’ on their wedding day. Here we have shared a few tips.

I hope this article helped you understand the basic do’s and don'ts’ of wearing a suit on your wedding day. However, I would also like to say that it is your wedding and your clothing should reflect your character more than anything else.

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