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3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Product

Promotion is the water and food of marketing and always has been. Promoting a product is what will make or break your company. It is what sells your product, raises brand and product awareness, and grows business. If you don’t promote your products especially if it’s a new one then it won’t grab the attention of potential buyers. There are various examples of a product that’s well equipped and a need but a failure as it wasn’t promoted correctly. You can get your product out there but getting it in front of the right audience is also a challenge. 

I know it may seem scary as a business owner you have to check everything. Generating the idea, creating the products, going through the thinking process, getting investors and clients and building your social media presence and marketing. The wrong promotion can occur in a loss of all that hard work. You may miss opportunities and go into money loss. Due to the current situation of COVID-19, you really can’t afford that. This all is quite daunting but don’t worry, it’ll be worth it only if you’re doing it effectively and in the right direction.

How can you? Here are the best main 3 effective ways to give you a boost!

1. Don’t lose Your Brand Perception! As scared of promotion as you might be, as fast as you want to get results after putting that promotion in motion, some people tend to forget their brand identity and aim during this process. For example, Titan works with various products and on different domains but whether it be their sprayer or titan advantage 440, their customer knows what to expect. You need to create that sense of loyalty and trust in your consumers. Promotion tactics include blog posts, articles, email marketing, video content, etc. You need to make sure that on all platforms your brand identity remains. Apart from mentioning the benefits and features, make sure the company is also being highlighted. Tell a story. Make your customers experience your brand and your product, that’s the most effective and personal way of promotion which will go a long way! 

2. Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competition. Promotion is vital and a brain teaser. Many brands are familiar with this concept. Why promote your product? Now only to generate sales, but to generate more and from your competitors. Marketing is a game and promotion is part of the winner. There are clever ways you can stay ahead with new ideas, let’s discuss a few:

  • Email marketing. This is a step that will help you to keep your old customers in the loop and generate new promising customers. Promotion schemes include email marketing as it can be through with added visuals that a consumer can go back to as well. It’s one of the most encouraging forms of marketing.
  • Contest schemes. Do you want to create hype? Generate a contest, it can be in the form of a giveaway, poll, etc. People love winning free stuff and love fighting to win! The longer these contests go, the more the audience will be intrigued. 
  • Using bloggers and influencers. One of the most efficient ways of 2020. This pandemic has not only made online promotion essential but has made it impossible without influencers. Influencers nowadays have the reach of up to 500K people! Imagine if you have to pay them once for uploading content and automatically generate a higher number of audiences? Amazing right?
  • Press releases. For a new product, this is something that can change the game. Unless you don’t get your product out there, will people even know it exists? 
  • Get the maximum out of your social media platforms like going live on Facebook or Instagram, tutorials, etc. Now any business owner in the 21st century knows how important online promotion is. Titan for example hasn’t only used one website or domain to highlight their titan advantage 440 but it is generated everywhere through one keyword hence to get maximum out of these domains, you need to work smartly. 
  • Sample testing. While promoting in a store, a customer tends to buy a product more when they’ve tested it once beforehand especially if it’s a new one.
  • Campaigns like event stalls, conferences, etc. Sample testing is a part of these stalls. This will automatically make your brand eye-catching for a buyer. 
  • Personal selling salesperson. For sample testing and campaigns to go smoothly, having a salesperson is inevitable. 
  • Packaging. You need the packaging to speak for itself so that it attracts a buyer and makes them actually look at your product and its promotion. 
  • Word of mouth can do wonders. The easiest and cheapest form of promotion that changes the game without us even knowing it. 
  • Sponsorships and collaborations. We need each other to survive in this economy hence sponsorships and collaborations benefit both the parties involved. It’s one that should be given a thorough thought and be done at least once.
  • Loyalty programmers for existing customers. You don’t want to lose your old customer while promoting new ones. You need to create schemes to keep the loyal ones to yourself. 
  • Discounts for new customers. What attracts buyers the most? “% discount” and “sale” sign. 
  • A new name for each new product with a promising and catching tagline.


3. Advertising. Finally, the last thing I’d like to mention is advertising. You need to decide the type and place for your advertising for your promotion to be most effective. You have online advertising, internal advertising, print advertising, video advertising, audio advertising, broadcast advertising, paid search advertising, social media advertising, etc. You get my point, right? If your product is for the youth, you might want to prefer social media advertising. If it’s a pharmaceutical one, you might want to go for print advertising like a brochure so your consumer can get the most information hence choosing the right advertising varies from product to service to the target market which needs to be decided accordingly. 

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.

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