Sunday, 3 January 2021

6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out from Others

Instagram is the latest buzzword these days and millions of social media enthusiasts, post and share high-definition photos to garner likes, comments, and shares. This image-sharing platform is now the favorite of brands and influencers, who are keen to take their fan following engagement rates to the next level.

There are several ways to boost user engagement on Instagram, one of which is posting awesome pictures looking awesome and stunning. Post high-quality images to connect with your existing and prospective followers. Use the IG filters to get the desired effect for photos worthy of use on the visual site.

According to an article published on, there numerous ways to take cool Instagram photos. These include understanding light effects, adding layers, use of white space, and more. In this article, we will walk you through the six tips to make your IG photos stand out from the rest. 

1. Avoid overdoing IG filters 

The use of Instagram filters is essential for making your images pop! Then, you need not overdo it just for the heck of it. Use filters if required to make your photos stand out and not to spoil the effect. If you use too strong filters, it will spoil the natural lighting effect. Use filter intensity as needed and do not overuse or apply fullest intensity. Stop using filters when you see the picture’s natural lighting is affected. 

Experiment with filters of different levels to recognize the best level to use in your visuals. When you choose your preferred filter, you need to tap the thumbnail adjacent to that filter. Look at the slider that you can drag to modify or control the filter intensity. Choose the filter until you find the best one producing an awesome effect. 

The perfect mix of filters with the correct composition and theme will make your IG feed not only appealing but also consistent, which has a bearing on user engagement on this visual social platform. 

2. Avoid taking photos with complete brightness or exposure 

Many amateur photographers commit the same blunder of taking snaps with 100 percent brightness and exposure. If you take pictures under full brightness, the highlights and details of the image will be lost.


Before you take IG photos, learn to adjust the camera exposure, and avoid taking pictures with full brightness or light. Make sure you adjust the light and exposure. You will need to brighten up the photo subject during post-production editing. 

3. Turn your smartphone upside down

Instagram is all about visuals and what you post should look stunning to build engagement. Did you know that one of the ideal ways to take IG photos is by including foreground components to the same?


Professional photographers with millions of likes and followers recommend keeping your smartphone upside down and taking photos of the subject from the ground below. The experts opine that this is the best way to incorporate foreground components. 

Pictures taken from the ground look more appealing as viewers get an interesting look of the object. It adds more depth to the visuals and the ground serves as a smart foreground component. It will help you garner more likes and followers. You can look up to the different platform to understand how to get genuine likes from genuine people. This way, you can improve the user engagement rates on IG.

The technique works wonders for all sorts of things like a railing, table, or for that matter, a desk acting as the ground of a perfect IG shot. 

4. Make the best use of grids 

When you shoot with your smartphone camera, we recommend that you turn on the grid option on Instagram. This feature will help you keep the image subject right in the middle of the frame. Additionally, use the rule of thirds to make certain that your image composition is accurate and to the point. 

A grid will also ensure proper alignments of all the components of an image, making the visual the best IG post. The use of grids will improve the overall composition of the photo and its visual effect. 

No matter what kind of photography you like, the grid option will genuinely improve the total effect of the visual. It will help in increasing the number of followers and enhance user engagement rates. 

5. Use the caption segment wisely 

It is true indeed that a photo is worth a thousand words, but that does not mean that you overlook the image captions. They are equally important to boost user engagement. It does not matter if you have hundreds of followers or thousands of them. While posting Instagram pictures, write an interesting caption, a question, or a fact related to the visual. Write something meaningful and not just a description of the images you post. 

The use of hashtags is one of the best ways to pique follower attention on Instagram. Use the relevant hashtags to grow likes and followers as well as to build engagement on this social media platform. Take some time out to research hashtags and use the trending ones related to your photos. 

Then, do not inundate your captions with the 30 hashtags because it will look spammy. It will also mar your brand’s impression. Use only the hashtags, which are essential and relevant in the caption. These little things matter when it comes to making your IG photos stand out. 

6. Do not use flash 

Though the use of flash is beneficial, sometimes it damages an image quality on Instagram. The flash may blow out the lighting of the photo, making it look it was shot on some disposable camera. If you have a penchant for taking stunning photos, learn the rules, and enroll in a course in digital photography. Even if you have basic photography knowledge and fundamental knowledge of the camera settings on your mobile phone, you can take awesome pictures for your IG profile. Use a high-end smartphone with a good camera. 


Now that you have learned about the tips and tricks of taking awesome Instagram photos, start taking stunning pictures of landscapes, nature, flowers, animals, sunsets, food, monuments, and more.

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