Thursday, 28 January 2021

How Compensation is Categorized?

A personal injury claim with your attorney in Roseville, CA can help you get compensation. Compensation is money you are awarded if your lawyer can prove negligence on the defendant. If negligence is found, you are awarded money for multiple expenses that were caused by the accident. Most people don’t understand what kinds of compensation they can seek.

Here is a breakdown of the types of compensation you can seek in a personal injury claim.

Special Compensatory Damages

This is the type of compensation that most people seek in a personal injury claim. This type of damage includes medical bills, loss of income, household expenses, and future monetary expenses. This type of compensation covers anything directly damaged by the accident.

General Compensatory Damages

Pain and suffering is covered under general compensatory damages. This is a harder compensation to seek as you must prove that any emotional or mental anguish is directly caused by the accident. This type can also relate to having to deal with the pain from physical injuries of the accident. Roseville attorneys can help you put a monetary amount on any pain and suffering caused by the defendant’s negligence.

Wrongful Death Damages

Unfortunately, this is the worst award you could receive from an accident. This money is awarded to family of someone killed in an accident. This money goes to cover prior medical bills, funeral costs, loss of financial contribution, and pain and suffering due to the loss.

Punitive Damages

You might have heard this term on TV Ads. High profile cases, such as the Johnson & Johnson case for women developing mesothelioma after using their talc products, give out punitive damages. This is often awarded when the injuries caused are severe and long lasting and the judge feels that other damages aren’t enough. This is often due to products or medication causing injuries.

Attorneys in Roseville, CA deal with collecting any awarded compensation from the other party. Your lawyer will take a percentage of your award for his/her fee. Discuss this percentage before you accept their help so that you know how much money you will be paying them after the case.

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