Friday, 19 February 2021

Punishments from The 90’s Given By Moms That Are Unheard Now

Who all amongst the readers belong to the era that wasn't taken over by cellphones? I know had it been the 90's, you would not be reading this article on your cell phone and laptops instead may be out chilling with real people. But that was also good, in fact, the best time. I don't expect the kids of this generation to relate with me, but if you still do, your childhood was amazing. 

Now talking about the time of the ‘90s, it was different, life was nothing like it is now. There were no fancy cafes to chill with friends, it was the only playground where you could meet, no theatres to go for movies, you had to make peace with televisions. 

Only the rich would have cell phones and other things like that. Life was good and people would actually meet each other and talk with each other, unlike today when everyone is stuck on their phone screens. Yes, we did have a good time, but it was hard too. You know why? Well, every 90’s kid will agree that everything was fine except the way we were punished. Punishments were hard, like really cruel. 

Parents would do anything to teach their kids discipline. Parenting was different and while the lifestyle was changing, moms changed the way of punishing their kids too. This mother’s day, as I pick perfect mother’s day gifts out of love, I would like you all to recall the punishments given by mommy's back then. Well, 90’s kids have had the privilege to live in two different centuries and that is why they can easily make out how the style of punishing kids has changed over time.

Grounded in the room

Go to your room and don't come out'' these words echoed in the whole house when your mom shouted on the top of her voice, right? You people who can't relate would think what is so cruel about sending someone to their room, in fact, kids now will consider it as a blessing as they can get more time to watch their favorite series. 

But you know back then, rooms were only meant to sleep and the only piece in the name of decorations was a wall clock and maybe the posters of celebrities. So, spending hours in such a room was definitely torture for us. So, this was a very popular punishment used by mommies. 

No dinner for you

You can say that parents were cruel back then because the punishment included. Actually excluded dinner from our routine. Yes, if the kid had misbehaved, he or she was sent to bed without food. You know this is cruel, especially something that you won't expect from your parents. 

They are soft hearted and all but they did know how to punish their child so he or she didn't repeat the same mistake. No food till morning- this thought was enough to keep kids disciplined. Though mommies would still feed us in indirect ways. Well, mommies are no doubt cute, so buying a mother’s day gift does make me happy even if she punished me. 

Can't go out to play

As I already told you that there was very little source of entertainment back then, so, the main source of entertainment and pass time for kids in the 20th century was going out to play in the evening but it was only after you had finished your homework. 

It was the only time when you could interact with your friends because no cellphones remember, share gossip and talk about crushes. So, restricting us from going out to play was a punishment for us. How many of you remember crying in the corner when your mom told you to not to go out to play but you could hear other kids playing? Trust me, it would hurt more than break up. 

Complaint to teacher

The worst thing that mommies could do to punish her kids was involving the class teacher. If you have really been a bad child, she would complain about it to your teacher and then teachers would embarrass you in front of the whole class, right? Or even scolded you followed by beating. 

These are the punishments that kids of 20 th century may relate to.

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