Monday, 15 February 2021

Top Myths of Mobile Application: All You Need to Know

What is your first reaction when you look at an app? 

Is it a box full of functionalities? A cheaper alternative to a website? A means to get placed in the customer’s good books and on the phone too? Whether your answer is yes or no to the above questions, the fact of the matter is, do you also feel that the iOS and Android application development is not a big deal?

If you think positively about it, you may as well embarrass yourself by believing that politics and policies go hand in hand. 

If your answer is otherwise, then let us look at a multitude of myths of mobile application development that can help you save money and time should you feel the need to build an app -

Building an App with Affordable Price

Although an app may look like a minuscule version of a website; the cost of an app is, more often than not, a notch above the latter due to a myriad of reasons, such as platform-dependence, cross-functionality, communication with existing apps, coding limitations, etc.

While web development is relatively easy & widely comprehensible, app development is still a malnutrition child, waiting for attention from everybody. Hence, you should identify an efficient mobile app development company in India before baring all of your plans for app development.

Build my app for multiple platforms in 3 hours

That’s how clients think, but agencies may feel otherwise. Building native apps takes time as it’s not just coding differently for each platform, but also understanding the need and guidelines of the specific platform and incorporating it into the app in a workable fashion.

You may think of it as a cricketing match, wherein you just can’t switch venues after rain interruption in a closely-contested game; you will need to move the crowds, get the floodlights ready, give cold coffee to commentators, ask the players to get their momentum back up, then only the transition starts. App development for different platforms such as iOS and Android both are almost like switching venues.

Apps don’t require heavy promotions

Yeah, they do not. It’s you who is required to be promoted. Apps will work as per the design and functionality, but whether it reaches the targeted audience or not is up to you and your preconceived notion about apps.

App development is short-lived

Whether you are building a high-quality app with super-amazing graphics and tons of functionalities or a regular one that serves the purpose just right, after-deployment support is essential, as who will respond to customers saying ‘your app sucks’? This happens to be the case with millions of apps across the world.

A couple of times you may be able to reply to their queries with your set of expertise, but what happens if they get too technical? Will you type SOS then to your nearby agency and let them waste an extremely large amount of time in pinpointing the issue, or will you call your app developer, who knows what they have done and will escort you out of trouble in a jiffy?

The above myths may ruin the rosy picture that you may have painted in your brain about app development, or worse, they may discourage you to move forward with your plans for iOS or Android application development. Know this, mobile apps are neither too tricky nor that simple. Hence, reach out to the best Mobile App Development Company in India to get your queries addressed, and to build your app with passion.

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