Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Ways To Improve Your Teams’ Net Game With A Volleyball Hitting Trainer

Are you a volleyball coach? Do you want to develop your player's skill to win in an elite competition? Do you want to improve your player's hitting tactics? What are some of the mistakes the players make when hitting? How can a volleyball hitting trainer improve the skills of the players?

A good volleyball player should be energetic, graceful, powerful and should handle the ball with finesse. These requirements are fulfilled if the player is well trained. The fundamentals of the game are serving and spiking the ball, and practicing these skills improves your competitiveness for the game. To be a great volleyball player you should train the upper and lower body.

Volleyball hitting trainer

This helps to improve all the aspects of volleyball attack from arm swing, to footwork and attack height. It provides a repeatable and adjustable target to enhance spike training. An acuspike is a good example of a volleyball hitting trainer and it automatically reloads the ball used.

Ways in which the trainer improves the game.

  • It improves the learning curve on how to hit the ball.
  • The range is adjustable hence any kind of hitter can learn spiking at different ranges.
  • It has a plastic base filled with water or sand to enhance stability. They also have wheels at the base for easy movement.
  • It keeps the ball in a static position hence saving the time wasted chasing the ball. The players can practice more hitting drills.
  • It improves footwork.
  • The player can learn to hit with power.
  • The player learns to spike accurately.
  • The height is adjustable making it appropriate for every player.
  • It is strong enough to hold any size of a ball.
  • It helps to improve the speed and timing of the players.
  • It prevents neck and shoulder pain.
  • It enhances hand-eye coordination and improves reflexes and reaction time.
  • It builds the player’s inner core.
  • It is ideal for both individual and team training. This allows any player to practice at any time.

Hitting mistakes

The player should train their footwork and swinging techniques to ensure the ball goes to the intended position and at a high speed. These are some of the common mistakes made during volleyball training.

a) The footwork approach is backward

The player has the wrong foot on the forward and backward movements of the arm swing as they approach the net. The player’s arm should go forward with the step of the left foot and then swing back with the right step. This is the case for a right-handed hitter and the vice versa is true for a left-handed hitter.

b) Continually hitting the net after hitting the ball

This happens when:

  • The hitter jumps forward instead of vertically.
  • The setter placed the ball near the net.

The hitter should start the forward motion further from the net. The setter should ensure the ball does not reach the net.

c) The player is too far under the ball

In this case, the hitter has to reach back far to spike the ball. The reason for this could be:  

The player leaves the floor too early.

The player is not far enough from the net to get a great approach.

Marking a spot on the floor helps the player to know where they should jump from. You should also train the players to focus on the speed, angle, and location of the ball when practicing.

Volleyball rules

A. Each team has six players, three on the front row while three at the back row.

B. Each side has a maximum of three hits.

C. The same player cannot hit the ball twice simultaneously.

D. During serving and a volley, the ball may be played off the net.

E. If the ball hits the boundary line, it is considered to be in.

F. If the ball hits outside the line, antennae, or pole, the ball is out.

G. Players are not allowed to hold, catch or throw the ball.

H. Front line players may switch their positions at the net after the serve.


A volleyball hitting trainer is important for teaching spiking techniques. Spiking is the hardest skill to master in volleyball techniques. There are several mistakes that players make when hitting the ball and this trainer helps to learn from the mistakes. You need to focus on the ball, jump appropriately and be aware of the defense to hit the ball correctly. The trainer is used to improve footwork, arm swing, and ball contact techniques. The game has several rules, mentioned above, that needs to be followed.

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