Monday, 15 February 2021

What Are the Scholarships Available at GISMA?

The GISMA Business School is one of the premier business schools in Germany. It offers a wide range of industry-oriented digital, business and technology UG and PG degrees and qualifications. GISMA degrees are globally recognised and offered in partnership with other respected and accredited business schools.

Apart rom offering affordable tuition fees for its programmes, GISMA also offers a wide range of scholarships to ease the financial pressure on its students. These scholarships are also offered to encourage meritorious students to apply for a degree at GISMA. You can learn more about the GISMA scholarship rules from the university website.

Read ahead to learn more about the following scholarship programmes available at GISMA Business School.

1. Principal’s Scholarship for Entrepreneurship

This scholarship is offered by GISMA Global GmbH. It is offered to students with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to start a company from scratch. If you are selected for the scholarship, you will be expected to act as an ambassador for GISMA and assist with its marketing efforts.

The applying candidates will be judged on their qualifying statement which would include a fully developed project plan for owning and operating a small business. The candidates should also mention how the scholarship will help with their career and personal goals.

2. Exceptional Career Scholarship

This scholarship is also offered by GISMA Global GmbH. This initiative is for students with a proven outstanding career achievement. The candidates will be expected to contribute to the peer learning experience by sharing their knowledge with their classmates.

The applying candidates’ essays must describe how the scholarship can help them with realising their leadership potential. They should also specify how their achievements can help the marketing efforts of GISMA.

3. Women in Business Scholarship

An exclusive scholarship programme for women, this initiative is open to all women who have shown exceptional performance in a global business environment. The applicants should also have an established track record of excellence in their careers.

The candidates should mention previous real-life examples of leadership and business success in their essay. Selected candidates must act as GISMA ambassadors and assist in the school’s marketing efforts.

4. Academic Merit Scholarship

This programme is offered to students with exceptional academic performance in their previous degrees. It is also provided to students with a high GMAT score.

GISMA also offers two additional scholarships—the Reactor’s Scholarship and the Family Scholarship. You can learn more about these on the GISMA website.

If you want to apply for any of the above scholarship programmes, you will need to download and submit a fully filled scholarship form. The form contains your personal and academic details in addition to a 1000-word essay revealing how you qualify for the programme.

GISMA reviews scholarship applications on a case-by-case basis. You can read the terms and conditions of the scholarships mentioned in the scholarship form.

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