Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Fix the Issue When Yahoo is Not Working

Yahoo mail is one of the top mailing services with millions of active users. People use Yahoo mail as it provides additional features to make the job easy. Indeed Yahoo is a reliable service but some people face various errors while using it. Yahoo mail can stop working due to many reasons.

Reasons behind Yahoo mail not working

  • Internet connection is weak
  • Error in Yahoo mail configuration
  • Browser cache is interrupting your Yahoo mail
  • Your Yahoo mail is opened from multiple locations
  • Your browser is outdated
  • The firewall is interrupting Yahoo
  • You have malware on your device

Troubleshooting Yahoo mail, not working issues:

Check your internet connection

If you are wondering why won't my Yahoo mail load then check the internet connection. The error on loading Yahoo can appear when your connection is weak. When your Yahoo is showing a loading error then inspect your network. If the speed is poor then you should connect the device to the network with good speed. In case, you can’t access another network then wait for sometime. Your Yahoo mail can also show errors when your device is connected to the public network. Yahoo is a secure mail and when you connect it to a public network it starts showing an error. Sometimes Yahoo mail doesn’t open on public Wi-Fi to prevent hacking.If the device is connected to a public Wi-Fi then disconnect it and connect to a secure one. Now try to open your Yahoo mail and check for the error.

Check the Yahoo mail configuration

When your mail is not working; you should check the POP and IMAP configuration. Sometimes these settings get interrupted and the user has to face various errors related to Yahoo mail. Check the POP mail server name, port, and SSL. Also, check the outgoing mail (SMTP) server for the error. Check its port number SSL, TLS, and authentication. Now check all the configuration of IMAP. If you see any error on the settings then restore it and then again try to use your Yahoo mail. 

Inspect the software which are blocking the ports

Sometimes the error on Yahoo mail appears when the user has installed certain programs which are blocking the ports which are used by Yahoo mail. Some software like firewall, antivirus, or some third-party software can block certain ports on your network. When the ports are blocked, your Yahoo won’t open your device. 

Disable your firewall

The firewall can also interrupt Yahoo sometimes. When you are using the firewall on your device, it may suspect the port for incoming traffic is suspicious and block it. When the firewall blocks the network, you can’t access Yahoo on your device. If you are using a personal firewall or antivirus’s firewall then disable it temporarily. If you are using the system’s firewall then go to the security page and disable the firewall. Restart the system and then login to Yahoo mail and check for errors. If your Yahoo mail is showing error then restart the firewall and each other troubleshooting methods.

Remove all the browser junk

When you are using the web browser for opening the mail, check for the junk. Your browser’s junk like cookies and caches can interrupt Yahoo. When your Yahoo shows the error, check the browser for the junk. If you see any junk on your browser then remove it immediately. Go to your browser and remove caches, cookies and history files. These files store the previous data which can interrupt Yahoo. After removing the junk, restart the browser and now try to login to Yahoo. Assure that your web browser is up-to-date. Users can get login errors on many pages when he is using the outdated browser. Update the web browser immediately and now open the Yahoo mail.

Logout Yahoo from other devices

Users often log in to Yahoo mail on their every device. But this can create problems sometimes. The login error mostly appears when your Yahoo account is logged in from various geographical locations. Yahoo suspects this activity as a threat and does not open the account. One common issue behind this error is the VPN. When you are using VPN, it shows different locations and Yahoo considers it as a suspicious activity. Logout your Yahoo account on other devices and disable the VPN on your system. Now again open your web browser and then try to log in to your Yahoo account.

Run antivirus on your device

Some dangerous malware like Trojan Horses, viruses, spyware etc can also get you into Yahoo login errors. Malware can interrupt the programs and can also steal your crucial information. When your Yahoo is showing an error, you should run a malware scan. Use good anti-malware and scan your whole device. After scanning the system, try to login to your Yahoo account.

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