Tuesday, 23 March 2021

New Certification Courses Started By IGNOU

Students who are thinking of making their careers in respect to agriculture stream but on the other hand if they don’t want to attend the classes in full-time course duration then IGNOU brings the new certification courses in their curriculum and brings a new opportunity for the students to make their careers in the respective fields.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is an inclusive open university where students can pursue their studies while not attending classes on a regular basis. Also, the degree is equivalent to other universities as well. IGNOU, therefore, provides various certification programs in various streams under higher education. Also, the emphasis on studies laid down from various different multimedia sources like online studies, distance education, etc.

IGNOU recently launched a few courses in the agriculture stream. So, those students who want to pursue their studies related to agriculture can study well and make their future bright. 

IGNOU has recently launched three different programmes in agriculture, gender and sustainable development. 

Aim Of The Course

IGNOU has started the three new certification programs with an aim of creating awareness amongst the students about the issues related to gender roles, issues about sustainable development, different roles played by the agriculture students in developing and modernizing the techniques used in agriculture for better fertilization of crops, generating of seeds, use of implements, agriculture machines, information about tractors vital for which farmlands, etc. The certificate course will give more advanced knowledge to the students while researching different parameters. 

Eligibility Criteria

Students having a bachelor's degree from any government-authorized institutes can apply for this course. Those students who want to apply for higher education, the students can apply after three years of graduation degree in any stream for gender and sustainable development. Those applying for agriculture certification courses must have graduation on the agriculture stream. 

Duration Of Course

IGNOU University has set the criteria of six months duration of study seeking in different fields pertaining to the feminization of agriculture, rural development, and gender biases in agriculture.

Fees Of The Course

The course duration of the fees charges Rupees 3,800. This is the course fee for six months.

Mode OF Study

Well, there is good news for students who don’t want to go to college and like to sit at home and get the online study material, then opting for this course of your choice is the best option. IGNOU provides the open distance learning mode pattern to continue with the study. The open distance learning mode is becoming the best pattern of studying according to the flexibility for both students and teachers.

Extent Of Certification Programs

The doors are open for the students who want to make their careers in the respective field of agriculture then it is the best criteria of taking a six months certificate course and get entry to the private jobs, government jobs after seeking the degree.

Thus, IGNOU provides these courses with the purpose of educating the students and acknowledging them with prospective knowledge in the prescribed fields.

Benefits Of Studying Certificate Programmes From IGNOU

The degree is Equivalent- Once you pass the examination, your degree is equally important and equivalent to other private/ government universities and colleges.

Saves Time - For those students who are seeking jobs and also want to continue their studies. Then choosing the certification programmes from IGNOU is the best option. Here, you don’t have to attend college regularly but once a week i.e on Sunday you can collect the study material and study at home.

Job Preference - The certificate course will increase your job opportunities and help in getting the job while telling your certification knowledge of study and training programmes during the curriculum.

Fees Structure - During the whole curriculum program, the fee structure is reasonable and affordable. Students at minimum fees can pursue their studies.

Free Environment - IGNOU provides a free and reliable environment of studies. Students can gain knowledge by mode of theoretical and practical basis.


IGNOU, being the oldest university provides several courses for higher education purposes. Also, the certification programs give equal importance to the curriculum pattern. Being in a job and studying for a degree can’t be manageable sometimes, so the university gives an opportunity to the students through open distance learning or online multimedia patterns.

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