Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Organizing a Party at Your Workplace? Here’s All You Need to Know

Organizing a party for your office can be both exciting as well as nerve-wracking. At times, office parties may seem unnecessary and boring but they’re essential for creating real team bonding. This is why it is not uncommon for companies in the UAE to organize such events for their teams.

In this post, we have discussed handy and effective ideas using which you can easily transform your office party from obligatory boredom to something more fun. Read on to more about them:

Arrange the Best Food

This is the most challenging part of an office party. Most companies in the UAE have employees belonging to different cultures. Thus, you need to take this factor into account. You can take the help of specialists who offer corporate catering in Dubai for this purpose. As they are skilled in arranging food for parties, you can leave this responsibility to them and take charge of other important responsibilities. 

Take into Account the Timing

An office part is a team event. Therefore, it should be planned at a time when all teams are free. For instance, you don’t have to rush a Christmas party at the end of December just before the holiday season when everyone is overloaded with tasks. Rather you can take it into January and throw it a time when most of the teams have less workload at their hands.

Make Party Organizing Team

Creating a team for any task is a good way to have different ideas and opinions. Therefore, for organizing any office party, you must constitute a team of some workers who seem fit for the job. 

After forming a team, ask your co-workers what kind of party they want and how they plan to create one. Creating a team that knows how to pull things together is the first and most important step for throwing an awesome party that your colleagues will remember for a long time.

Ask Your Colleagues for Ideas

An office party is a team affair. So it’s always good to take the input of your colleagues on what they want at the party. By involving most of your colleagues in the task, you’ll be able to throw a party that everyone wants. 

Note down the ideas and opinions of everyone, select the ones that you seem most suitable for your workplace culture and values.

Set Out a Theme

Another great way of adding fun to your office party is by assigning a fun theme for it. You can decide on a theme that you seem suitable to go with your workplace ethics and rules and inform your colleagues to dress according to that.   

Moreover, you can also choose the food according to the theme. For instance, if you’re going with a Mexican theme, you can include chilaquiles, tacos and enchiladas in your menu. Similarly, you can set some exciting Mexican games too such as a pepper eating contest, set up a Mexican pinata, nacho eating contest etc.

It's the Season for Giving

 The vast majority like to provide for good cause during the Christmas season. Make it simple for your representatives to do as such by setting up a zone at the gathering where they can give durable food things and opened up toys. These at that point can be accumulated and given to a cause or two in your general vicinity. 

Tranquility on Earth 

At the point when the gathering is held in the early evening, it's justifiable if it's a representative just undertaking. In any case, if it's an evening occasion, permitting your staff individuals to bring their mate or a visitor will go far to keeping harmony, in any events near me. On the off chance that you plan a family occasion, make certain to design extra-extraordinary exercises, rewards and presents for youths.

Promote Socializing

Instead of hiring entertainers for your party, you should try to create an environment that gives your co-workers the opportunity to interact with each other. The friendlier and at ease people are around each other, the better they’re able to perform. 

Keeping this in mind, you should include such activities in your party that involve interactions between co-workers. For instance, you can set up a build your own sandwich or mini cake station where your colleagues have to work together in order to make them.

Include What’s Trending

Including things like bingo, karaoke and buffet will make you look out-of-touch with what’s trending. You should include stuff that’s trending these days so it won’t look outdated. For example, these days, instead of buffet tables, the trend of live food is more in demand. Many companies now prefer having food trucks or interactive food stations in their parties. 

You can easily find caterers in Dubai who can set up a live sandwich bar or taco station for you.

Don’t Forget to Add the Fun Factor

Likewise, you must include something fun and entertaining in your party to bring it to life. You can include games that are team or partner-oriented so they can help in bringing people together. For instance, you can put a pool table or maybe set up some video games that help your colleagues to interact with each other in a friendly way. Additionally, you can bring in a DJ to heat up the party. 

Taking this factors into consideration will help you to organize an office party that every colleague will remember and cherish.

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