Thursday, 22 April 2021

9 Things You Need to Do to Score Well in Math Exam

Many students have trouble with solving math problems. The frustration of not getting the right answer is too real. What scares them most is having math test as they do not feel confident and tend to compare themselves with the classmates who easily tend to solve math problems. Students like these starts thinking negatively instead of figuring out what strategy can help them ace the math test.

It is important to participate in class to prepare yourself better for your math exam. It will help you nail all types of mathematical problems. It does not matter if you get it wrong, as you will be learning a lot in the process. You also need to review your work regularly. Needless to say math is a subject which requires regular practice, but following the right strategies is equally important to ace the test.

In the blog post, we are going to share a few strategies that will ensure your assignment has the best help:

1. Start preparing for the test early

Make sure you start preparing for the test as soon as the date gets announced. Fix each day for reviewing each material of the math textbook. This way, you will be avoiding the anxiety that you usually get by trying to learn math in just a few hours.

Few things to consider:

  • Review the math questions that you got wrong and tried understanding how you can improve them.
  • Pay attention when teachers give you prep material and tell you the important areas and the areas that will not come on the test. This way, you will know where you need to focus and where you should not waste time.

2. Seek extra help if you are not confident

If math is not your strongest suit, you might have more doubts than your classmates. But if you do not communicate about your problems, you will never be able to deal with the problem. Staying with any doubt is not good and instead, just share with your team, and they will explain in a much easier way.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Keep a list of specific problems about which you want to discuss with the teacher. You need to specify the area where you are having the problem.
  • Do not ask for help the day of the test or the day before the test. 
  • Check a few online samples that online qualified math problem solver does.

3. Read all the instructions

Do not just start writing down the answer without giving enough time to understanding the math question. By doing so, you might lose points by not following vital directions. This is why it is so important to read the question and the instructions.

4. Write all formulas at the beginning

Math tests usually involve numerous formulas that you have to remember to solve different math problems. With all the pressure and tension during the test, students can get mixed up with the formulas. Thus it is always advisable to write down all the formulas at the beginning of the test. You can ask for a blank page where you write down the formulas. You can then use it as a reference if you forget the formulas while solving any math problem.

5.  Pay extra attention to math word problems

Word problems can be really tricky at times. Sometimes the questions are worded so that it becomes difficult to identify the point of the question.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Underline all-important words which relate to calculating
  • Create a mathematical form of the word problem to make it clearer.
  • Draw out the math problem
  • Break down the question into its components. Ditch the words that are not required and translate the words into math terms.

6. Show all of the work

Some teachers tend to give partial credit points if all your steps are correct. Even if you do not get the right answer, you will still earn valuable points. 

  • Show all the steps and keep it neat
  • If you are stuck on any step, go back to the previous steps

7.  Skip questions that you find difficult

There will be some questions that stump you. Do not just give up immediately. Try working it out by giving it some time, but if you cannot solve it, move on to the next question. Do not get disappointed just because you were unable to solve one question. You should never lose your focus. Keep some time in the end when you will try solving the problem.

8. Use relaxation techniques when you get overwhelmed

There can be some question which can give you unnecessary stress, and you start doubting yourself. But if you just relax and take a minute to relax, you will be able to see what you were unable to figure out. Stress can stop a mind from working properly. Later you realise that you know how to do it. 

Here are a few things you need to try:

  • Do breathing exercises
  • Close your eyes and make yourself understand that you can do it
  • Break down the questions

9. Check the unit and value of your answers

Some math question will include instruction like the answer has to be in miles, kilogram, and hours. You need to make sure the unit is converted as per the demands of the question. Be careful with positive and negative numbers as well.

9. Keep extra time for checking your work

It will not be the smartest move if you submit a math test paper without checking. This is why you must keep a certain amount of time in hand to ensure you have shown all your work, your answers are in correct units, and you have used the correct formulas. Use the reverse calculation technique to ensure your answer is correct.


Confidence is something you should not lose at any cost when you know that you have done all the preparation. Even if math is a subject, you fear most, nothing can stop you from acing your math exam if you follow the steps. When it comes to math preparation, you need to give yourself time and trust in the methods you have learned. 

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