Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Benefits and Types of Bunion Correctors

For those who have bunions on their foot, do not be scared, you are not lonely. A lot of models, actresses and athletes develop this condition. Too much of heels and extra running can lead to bunions. Bunions obviously are painful but what’s relieving is that you don’t need a long and painful treatment procedure to rectify them. These comprise bunion splints, sleeves and pads. Bunion correctors are simple products for anyone who wants to heal them naturally. Silicone toe sleeve is another great bunion protector. 

You don’t need any surgical intervention to use bunion products. In fact, they safeguard your feet and lower the friction to allow you to perform your daily activities easily. Check out some of the other benefits of bunion correctors:

  • Even distribution of the weight at the metatarsophalangeal joints while you are walking, running or even standing
  • Alignment of the MTP joints
  • Lowering the stiffness of your foot
  • Wiping out the friction between your skin and bunion

Some of the different types of bunion correctors available in the market are given below:

Bunion sleeves

They are elastic bunion correctors which cover a big part around the bunion joint. These compression socks are light in weight and simple to wear. They put gentle pressure on the target area and don’t compress it too much. You can easily wear them under your shoes.

Bunion splint

A bunion splint features hinges and Velcro strap to help your foot move. It also renders support to the arches of your foot to align it to its usual posture. It also helps to avoid friction between the toes.

Toe separators

The toe spacers help in realigning angled toes back to its usual position. The design majorly focuses on the separation of the big toe and the index toe to enhance their posture.

Essential features to keep in mind when purchasing a bunion corrector:


When purchasing a bunion corrector, it is essential to keep the thickness of the item in mind. The thicker the product, the lower will be the friction. But, if you wish to wear it for a full-day activity, then choose a product which fits well in your shoes.


Go for a bunion corrector which allows easy movement of your big toe. It should give good space for the bunion to move without causing any discomfort or pressure.


Choose an item which lowers your pain. Ensure that the design is simple to use and requires minimal maintenance.


Usually bunion relief products harbor fungal infections if the material is of low quality. The infestation also depends on how you choose to use it. If you have excessively sweaty feet, then choose a breathable fabric product.

If you leave the bunions untreated, it may lead to hazardous situations. You can easily put an end to your pain by treating it with a bunion corrector. If you haven’t used one till now, then pick a product from Dr Rogo and see how effectively it works for you.

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