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Get that Adrenaline Pumping with these Unique Adventure Sports near Kolkata

The City of Joy is the third-largest in India and the cultural capital of the country. Friendlier than most Indian metropolis cities, visiting Kolkata is more of a sensation than a journey. Although most foreigners relate Kolkata to years of human suffering, this 330-year old city is thriving.   

India has a vast population of youngsters forcing the country to keep up with our adrenaline needs. Adventure sports near Kolkata are becoming increasingly famous; attracting thousands of tourists each year. While paragliding and trekking are some of the most common adventure sports near Kolkata; this list focuses on the unique offbeat ones.  

Yachting and Wind Sailing: Charter the Rich Man’s Boat 

A four-hour drive outside Kolkata is this quaint port city Haldia famous for yachting and wind sailing. Once a rich man’s sport, yachting is now fair game for everyone at Haldia. As a port city, Haldia ventured out and added water sports to its attractions. Resting on the banks of the Hooghly River, this city is now a hub for cruising around this river.  

Mountain Biking: Ride Through Hidden Trails 

Biking is an activity we all enjoyed one point and time in our lives. So, all you cyclers out there; this one is for you. Take a 5-hour drive from Kolkata to Panchet Hill in Purulia district. This is the perfect scenic destination for a moderate level biker trail that passes through GarhPanchkot fort. 

Mountain Biking is one of the most sort after adventure sports near Kolkata. The hairpin bends running along lush greenery is a real treat for all those adrenaline junkies. Can you imagine the wind hitting you with nature sounds engulfing you? Then what are you waiting for? Book cheap flight tickets to Kolkata now.    

Rock Climbing: An Adventure of Brawns and Brains 

Kolkata is filled with institutes that train you to be a more efficient and better rock climber. Sunsunia Hills is the place where you can put your rock climbing skills to the test. These hills located in Bankura Locale are suitable for both novice and expert climbers. 

However, most climbers rave about the view more than anything else. They say it is the best reward after this strenuous full body workout. Rock Climbing is not just an activity for brawns but also requires brains, making it one of the unique adventure sports near Kolkata.  

White Water Rafting: Crash through the White Waves 

Originating from the Himalayan trek is the Teesta River, a hub for white water rafting in India. The turbulent swirls in this water body are the perfect challenge for experienced rafters. Considered as one of the best rafting stretches in the world, Teesta River is a memorable experience.  

This is truly an enthralling escapade so get ready for a rocky ride across the white water. White water rafting can seem scary but is also one of the most thrilling adventure sports near Kolkata.  

Kayaking: Sail Peacefully into the Sunset 

This is a low intensity watersport for those who find white water rafting intimidating and it can be done in the City of Joy. No need to travel a distance thanks to Kolkata’s New Town Eco Park which is fully equipped to get you kayaking. Just within the city limits, this park allows you to kayak for half an hour at just two U.S., dollars. 

This is without a doubt one of the most reasonable adventure sports in Kolkata. So get those shoulder muscles pumping and sail into the sunset.   

Caving: Discover Your Way through Darkness

A lesser known adventure sport but just as exhilarating, caving is a quirky activity but appeals to many. Imagine spelunking through a strange and dark area, feeling your way through nature’s untouched wonders. 

Meghalaya’s southern slopes are gifted with innumerable limestone deposits. This coupled with precipitation and humidity makes for the ideal conditions to form caves. The state that touches the clouds is dotted with over 1500 caves making it a hub for one of the unique adventure sports near Kolkata. 

Admittedly it is a day journey to Meghalaya from Kolkata but it truly is every bit worth it. Among the endless caves, the best ones for caving are Mawsmai Cave and the illusive Siju Cave.  

These are 6 unique adventure sports near Kolkata that you just cannot miss. The adventure waits, so hop on board and book flight tickets to India . If you want to make things go faster, check out Indian Eagle, it’s just a click away.

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