Thursday, 22 April 2021

How to Extend Life of Your Home with Masonry Services?

Owning a home these days is not easy because you need a lot of investment to build a dream home for you and your family. So luckily, if you own a home, you should always maintain it by investing in masonry work. Harsh weather and other factors can damage the exterior and require masonry services periodically. Here we will discuss some essential masonry services that can bring extra life to your dream home.

Mortar Repairing

In order to repair mortar properly, or “repoint,” you need to treat the repair like it is a tooth cavity—the dentist doesn’t just fill the hole in a single step. To get rid of voids and cracks in the mortar joints, you must first ground them down at a minimum depth of 5/8” and clean the holes out thoroughly. Before placing new mortar in damaged places, preshrink the mortar and dampen the crack. All of these procedures take additional time, but they will help prevent shrinkage of the new mortar and bond it to the original mortar. No latex should be added to the mortar, and it must be specially blended to match the existing mortar.

Brick Repointing

A lot of the elements attack pointing, smearing it, including wind, harsh weather, water, pollution, and even plant life. You can renew your pointing by keeping your bricks the way they were new, avoiding painting them, or covering them with cladding. A professional bricklayer or brick pointing expert can do the job, which minimizes the chances of your home developing damp patches due to water leaking into holes in the pointing. You’ll be able to spot these from across the street. You'll get a brilliant finish that shows off your brickwork to its best advantage by having your pointing renewed and refreshed. Furthermore, repointing bricks will emphasize your home's structural integrity and offer you peace of mind. 

Chimney Repairing 

Your chimney being leaning is an obvious sign you need to rebuild it. Freeze and thaw cycles may be at fault since bricks and stones expand and contract over time, causing the foundation to crack and later fall apart. If you live in an area subjected to harsh seasons and adverse weather, moisture can adversely affect your chimney. You'll need a complete rebuild if you don't take action on chimney repair in time to prevent breakage and deterioration. Leaning or cracking chimneys and crowns should be immediately rebuilt.


Using exterior caulking around doors and windows can help prevent heat loss and lower heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, caulking used in the exterior of the house can seal up cracks in the home’s foundation and driveway, which, if left unattended, could lead to costly repairs. Those seemingly insignificant cracks on the outside of a house can be signs of much more significant issues. Sealing these cracks can prevent them from spreading. It can be difficult to choose the right caulk for a particular job. That is why I always recommend that you never go DIY and always hire some best masonry contractors from your town for this job.

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