Thursday, 15 April 2021

Machine Learning - A Boon to Email Marketing

There has been a tremendous buzz about machine learning in recent years. However, it’s no longer a surprise that machine learning can drive an efficient email marketing campaign. Over the years, email marketing has evolved and has become individual-centric. It is now crucial to build and provide potential audiences with a personalized customer experience. Besides this, the best email lookup tools such as use a machine-learning algorithm to find any professional’s email address in a few seconds. And therefore, in the years to come, Machine Learning will keep growing.

We live in a world full of data, right? And these data are not only created by us but also by the computers. When marketers succeed in connecting the missing dots in these data, they can terrifically grow their business in all aspects. And this is accomplished with Machine learning which derives meaning from all of these data.

Nowadays, every email marketer is pivoting to incorporate machine learning in their strategy for the best outcome. And this technology is rapidly becoming an expected feature. Like a consumer, expect a company/brand to have a website or perhaps an App; today, everyone expects a technology that’s personalized, insightful, and self-correcting. Email marketing professionals try to create marketing campaigns with content that resonates with their target audience, and emails are one of the great tools to accomplish that. However, the marketers should be able to send emails at the right time, make relevant and valuable suggestions for converting prospects into customers. All these are possible because of Machine Learning.

Why is email still considered necessary?

Firstly, it’s because people still prefer email - specifically at work.

And here are the possible outcomes of machine learning applied to email marketing;

  • Better Engagement with Consumers
  • Find the email address of prospects easily.
  • Make consumers aware of new products and services instantly.
  • Give customers a personalized experience
  • Get the sales done.
  • Communicate the offer or discount details to the desired audience at the right time.

How Machine Learning helps in achieving Better Engagement?


Many product or service owners consider email marketing an essential strategy, and hence they keep tracking whether email engagement rates are going down or up. It deciphers whether new or existing customers are engaging with the email or not, whether the email marketing campaigns have increased the sale.

Machine Learning reads the previous email marketing campaign data, past emails where customer interactions have happened. This information allows it to find out the words that made the customers interact. 


Machine learning helps marketers to group their audience based on their demography and based on their behavioral patterns. 

Calibrating the Marketing Timing 

What action would you take when you keep receiving marketing emails with product & offer details Seldom you may find it informative, and at some point in time, it might annoy you. Then you unsubscribe it. There is a proverb in life, “When you say the right thing to the right person at the right time, it can do miracles”. This proverb applies to your marketing strategy as well.

Therefore, it’s not just about the content or catchy offer in the email but also the right time during which a particular prospect is more likely to engage with your email or take any action. You can even set up Machine Learning technology to determine the time zones, habits, and more details of the recipients.

Personalized Experience

A personalized experience is another area where machine learning helps to a great extent. Based on the customer’s purchase behavior, Machine learning will recommend the products or services relevant to their purchase. So with all these desirable outcomes, machine learning is absolutely a boon to Email marketing.

What are your thoughts on this?

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