Thursday, 8 April 2021

The Road to Becoming a Project Manager

Are you interested in organising and facilitating your business’ team members to success? Feel like you can lead your fellow colleagues to an effective project completion? Perhaps becoming a project manager is the right career path for you! Start your journey as a project manager now by following the road map we have determined in this blog!

1. Qualifications

Most project managers are required to have an undergraduate degree in business management or human resources. In addition to suh education, most businesses will also appreciate individuals who have a background in communications. This is due to the fact that project managers will need to be interacting with team members frequently and helping keep everyone on the same page.

Depending on the level of expertise and experience required for the job, businesses may also have additional qualifications they would appreciate. For example, a master’s degree in project management or completion of professional training courses. High levels of education can never go wrong when it comes to becoming qualified for a role in project management. If you are looking to gain further qualifications in project management and become industry-ready as soon as possible, consider taking the professional project management courses at Pacific Training Group!

2. Professional Experience

After gaining the education and official qualifications required to become a successful project manager, next comes industry experience. It can be difficult to land a job as a project manager straight out of university (or any other tertiary education institution) so most individuals build up their portfolio by undertaking internships.

The ideal internship of an individual looking to become a project manager is one that involves being part of a team, as well as one that gives interns an opportunity to work as part of a major project. By gaining such experience as a team member, individuals can learn what is effective and what is not and witness the work of a project manager first hand.

3. Career Options

In addition to a project manager, there are other career options which involve project management that individuals may be interested in. A senior role in the field of project management is a chief operating officer (COO). This is often the ultimate goal for individuals looking to head down the road of project management.

However, before being able to work in such senior positions, individuals will need to start in more simple roles in order to gain the necessary professional experience. Individuals can learn more about organisation and communications by working as an internal communications assistant for businesses, or even as a secretary. Additionally, individuals can experience becoming a team leader for a small project and work their way up the ladder through building on such small roles.

Interestingly enough, the average salary for a project manager is quite rewarding - at $75,000 per annum, meaning the various career options in the field of project management requires a decent level of qualifications and professional experience.

With the road of project management laid out before you, what are you waiting for? Start your journey with Pacific Training Group’s educational courses today!

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