Sunday, 11 April 2021

Top Reasons to Inspect Apartments for Lead Paint in NYC

Is it true that you live in a house constructed before 1978? If yes, there might be toxic paint on the interior and exterior walls. That could represent a risk, particularly in case you are pregnant or have children at home. Lead paint can be a cause of concern for many. You might have to opt for an inspection of the apartment. In case you do, you must opt for a certified lead inspector NYC for your needs. Here are some quick tips to help you get rid of the problem.

Lead-based paints

Lead is dangerous and can cause health issues if ingested. There can also be problems if you inhale dust with lead. The government guidelines confined the use of lead in household paint after 1978. Till that point in time, lead was a typical component in paints. If the lead paint is in an acceptable condition, it does not represent a genuine danger. However, the surface of the walls should also remain intact. 

The issue arises when the lead paint begins decaying. It happens when lead residue starts amassing on surfaces like windows, floors, etc. Similarly, lead particles might also get accumulated on household items like garments, beds, etc. It can likewise taint soil close to the house. Children who tend to place their hands in their mouths are in much danger of amassing lead particles in their bodies.

What about adults?

Anybody can hazardously get influenced by lead particles. However, young children are particularly in danger of lead. Kids tend to put things in mouth that can have lead dust. Also, the younger they are, the more is the possibility of them putting chips of stripping paint, lead residue, etc. in their mouth. 

Kids are considerably more liable to intake lead than grown-up children. In the case of grownup children and adults, they have the risk due to breathing lead dust. As compared to adult bodies, the bodies of children soak more lead. This exposure can affect sensitive organs like the brain. However, long-term exposure in adults can also lead to health issues.

Lead likewise represents a danger to expectant mothers. If there is lead in the mother's body, it can pass to the baby and cause untimely birth. Other problems include less birth weight and brain damage.

How to identify lead in house paint?

Houses built before 1978 might not necessarily lead-based paint. However, if you have an older apartment, the possibility of lead paint increases. It might either be on the interior or exterior walls. However, regardless of whether it does, you need to keep this in mind. If the paint is in an acceptable condition and there is no stripping, and the surface has not been broken, it does not pose a danger. If you want to renovate your house, make sure the paint you choose does not have lead.

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