Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Unique and Non-traditional Flower Bouquet Ideas for 2021 Wedding

Are your preparations for your d-day on full swing?. Sure you want everything on fleek, be it your wedding dress, the venue, bridesmaids dresses. We tend to plan on everything, but are you satisfied with everything beautiful but ordinary? Don’t you want to make your wedding unforgettable and unique? Sure, we all want the same. But very few of us can really figure out how to stand out of the crowd. I am a wedding planner, and often I hear people demanding some unique ideas for their D-Day. But they have no clue what exactly they want different. So, over the years, I figured out that paying attention to the detailing is crucial if you want to incorporate uniqueness in any wedding. Yes, small changes in detailing goes a long way. Initially, no one pays attention to minute details, but as a whole, it really makes a difference. Does that make you want to get married already? Well, I’m not sure about the wedding, but you can get flower delivery in noida instantly.

Well, talking about detailing, unique and non-traditional bouquets can help you 

Bridal flower bouquets have now become every bride’s favorite accessory, and why not,  Bouquets add an effervescent beauty and charm to a bride’s look. But have you ever wondered why a bride even carries a bouquet? Well, in ancient times, brides did so to ward off evil spirits. The reason might not be as romantic as you thought, but bouquets are really important. When it comes to bouquets, there is a broad scope of variation in it. Gone are the days when bouquets were confined to real fresh flowers. You can totally put your personal spin on it. 

I have made a list and the wedding flower bouquets mentioned below go beyond lilies and rose flower order online (and some of them are not even flowers, cool right?. 

Vintage feathers

To start with, let us take something vintage. What about some vintage feathers? This bouquet contains fresh flowers of your choice, bound with non-floral elements. Elements like ostrich feathers just give your ordinary bouquet a new shape and will also provide a “great gatsby” feel to your blooms. Feather accented bouquets provide a feminine touch as well. 

Pampas grass wedding bouquets

You must be wondering how can this plant make a way into your bridal bouquet, right?. But yes, it certainly can. Pampas grass is not an ordinary grass, but it is trending these days, especially when clubbed with Mongolia leaves and distinctive foliage. It looks classy and surely makes your bouquet noticeable. 

Textures and succulents

Let us add textures to your bouquet. For this, you have to combine materials with different textures like spray roses, freesias, seeded eucalyptus sprayed gold, berries, dahlias, seeded lemon leaves, mums, and the list goes on. It gives a wild yet organic look. Imagine a bouquet loaded with different textures, meaning providing your guests with endless details to look at, while you are having your moment walking down the aisle. 

Buttoned up bouquet

Another crazy trend is the brooch and button bouquet. You can mix and match various types of buttons and brooches depending upon the theme you want to create. For example, if you want to create a retro look, opt for colorful buttons, but if you want to keep it vintage, I would rather suggest you stick to only brooches. The benefit of these bouquets is that you can DIY it at home itself. This gives you the advantage of customizing it according to your taste and preference. What more can you ask for?. 

Greenery implemented

If you want to stick to flowers and greenery and still want your bouquet to be unique, then this is just the option for you. Fantastic arrangements created with hoops, moss balls or you can even go with dried foliage and blooms which are totally trending right now. If you are going to be a winter bride, you have a choice of pinecones, pale millets, that will give an impression of frozen leaves in your hands. You can even collaborate lavender with wheat for a rustic effect. 

I know sometimes we see a random picture and the other second we want the exact same flowers and decoration. Just explore online for the above-mentioned flower bouquet ideas, maybe you like some of them. Also, I would suggest you to order flowers online in Bangalore well in advance, in case you forget, then you have to walk down the aisle with awkward hand position.

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