Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Your Guide to Cleaning Your Curtains at Home

As a homeowner, you may know that curtains are essential to your home. Not only do they add an aesthetic appeal to your space but also prevent dust and debris from entering inside it. And there can be hardly any argument on how they prevent the wind from blowing too hard and allow the right amount of sunlight inside the space.

Despite their numerous benefits, curtains hardly receive any attention, if at all, as compared to other laundry items, such as bedsheets, floor mats, and others. And that is probably why most homeowners overlook their care and cleaning completely.

Many homeowners do not even know how often they should wash their curtains and how to properly clean them. It is altogether a different scenario if you prefer outsourcing your laundry tasks to the best laundry service in Delhi to doing it yourself. 

But if you do your laundry yourself, here is a guide to curtain care and washing:

How often to wash your curtains?

Curtains are exposed to dust and debris round the clock. This makes them gather dirt and absorb odors quickly. So, as a rule of thumb, they should be cleaned every two or three months. 

Regular cleaning will keep your curtains looking new and extend their lifespan. However, cleaning them can be challenging, and that is where the best laundry service in Delhi can come to your rescue.

How to wash your curtains

There are two ways to wash curtains, namely, machine washing and dry cleaning. Let us look at both:

Machine washing

Choose machine washing if you know your curtains are fully machine washable. If you do not know whether they are or not, read the label instructions. 

To machine wash them, use cold or hot water, depending on their fabric, and put them into the washing machine that already has detergent in it. Then, set a gentle wash cycle and wait till the cycle is over. Then, hang the curtains on a clothesline in the sunlight to dry. Make sure to pick a sunny day to do this laundry task. 

When they have completely dried, iron them, ensuring there are no creases or wrinkles left. Once done, you can go use them to cover your doors and windows. 

Take note that curtains are large pieces of clothing that regular laundry. So, they may not fit perfectly in your home washing machine. Plus, you may struggle to iron them on your small iron board. Therefore, you should consider getting help from the best laundry service in Delhi, such as MyCleaners, and save yourself all the hassles. 

Dry Cleaning

Curtains made from silk, linens, or other sensitive fabrics should not be machine washed. They need to be dry cleaned by the best dry-cleaning service in Delhi. Should you try to wash them at home, you may damage their delicate thread and ruin their appearance. If possible, always get such types of curtains dry cleaned. Dry cleaning will keep their fabric intact while removing all the accumulated dirt and odor efficiently. 

When Will Your Curtains require more frequent cleaning?

Ideally, you should clean your curtains once every two or three months. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, requiring you to clean them more frequently, let’s say every month. Here are those exceptions:

If you or your family member is allergic

Since curtains can attract several elements, such as pollens, dust, dander, pet hair, and others, they pose a risk of triggering an allergic reaction. If you or your loved one is allergic to outside elements, you should wash your curtain once or twice a month.

If you or your family member smokes inside the home

Curtains can also trap smoke particles and retain their smell for a long time. If you do not want your curtains to smell like cigarettes, clean them regularly. 

Bottom Line

Curtain cleaning should be a part of your household chores because they play a critical role in setting the ambiance of your home. If you struggle to clean them, you can call MyCleaners and let it take care of them. The professionals at MyCleaners will make sure your curtains are thoroughly cleaned, ironed, and neatly folded before they get back to you.

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