Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Answering All Your Questions About Tape In Hair Extensions

Been meaning to get tape in hair extensions but have a few concerns you want to clarify before visiting a hair salon? Read on to have all your questions regarding tape in hair extensions answered!

How long do tape in hair extensions last?

Depending on the brand of tape in hair extension and the techniques used by your hair stylist, take in hair extensions can last anywhere between six to ten weeks. How long your tape in hair extensions last also depends on your daily hair care and your personal hair growth rate.

For example, if you are not taking good care of your hair, your tape in hair extensions won’t be able to be reused. As tape in hair extensions are effectively taped onto specific locations of your hair, your hair growth will also affect the durability of your extensions. If your hair grows fast, then you will find yourself having to reposition your tape in hair extensions more frequently. This will lead to the wear and tear of your hair extensions, and cause them to last a shorter period of time. 

How long your tape in hair extensions last for depends on many factors as stated above - hence it is best to clarify with your hairdresser or stylist. However, you can expect your tape in hair extensions to last for a minimum of six weeks.

Are tape in hair extensions bad for your hair?

We understand that you may have your concerns over taping hair extensions into your natural hair for long periods of time - however, rest assured, tape in hair extensions are some of the safest you can get. The only minor problem with tape in hair extensions is their removal from the hair. If you remove them too roughly, some of your hair may be ripped off - causing long term damage and hair loss.

It is thus important to work with a professional hair stylist and one you trust to have your tape in hair extensions adjusted and removed, so that your hair does not sustain any long term damage.

Can you wash your hair with tape in extensions?

You can wash your hair when you have tape in extensions - whoever, it is recommended that you wait until 72 hours after first taping in your extensions that you wash your hair. This is because the adhesive in your tape in hair extensions won’t be completely set before this time. If you wash your hair before 72 hours, the adhesive will not tape your extensions into your hair properly, causing premature sipplage and extensions falling out.

How much are tape in hair extensions?

The prices of tape in hair extensions vary, depending on the brand you are using, the length of the extensions, the quality of them, as well as your hair stylist. Some tape in hair extensions may also be more expensive if they include warranty payments.

Generally, tape in hair extensions can cost anywhere between $300 to $800 from half head to full head respectively.

Have more questions regarding tape in hair extensions? Feel free to ask the experienced and friendly hair stylist team at Petersham Hair Co for all the answers you need!

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