Thursday, 24 June 2021

How Does the English language of a Mom Effects a Child's Career and Future?

English is a global language of communication. It is the primary language of communication of 180 nations. However, it isn't the primary or native language in Indian states. But, it is the second language. A mother is often the first point of contact in our country.

A child's upbringing also involves more time with mothers compared to fathers. Therefore, a mother's English language proficiency plays a vital role in the future and career of a child. Banishing a child from learning English can deprive of many futuristic opportunities.

3 Ways a Mother's English Language Proficiency Effects a Child

● Higher Education

International schools in India and abroad need parents that can communicate fluently in English. The principal, council, or panel often conducts child interviews with the parents before admission.

According to them, a parent's English proficiency eases a child's burden to learn a new language. Moreover, they regularly inform parents to build an English-speaking atmosphere at home. It means to communicate in English regularly with the child at every instance.

Additionally, children below eleven can study abroad if parents can crack the General IELTS or TOEFL exam. If either of them fails the test and parents don't have relatives in the country, the child loses a scholarship or grant.

● Skill Development

Learning English opens doors to new opportunities. Unfortunately, most Indians communicate in the local language of the state. Therefore, they need to learn English from bilingual speakers family with the mother tongue and English. As such, the cost of such courses and tutors is very high.

Meanwhile, parents that teach basic English to their children ease the learning process. The child even excels in an English medium school. Moreover, the child becomes more proficient in understanding the backdrop of the passages.

With regular English communication, especially with certified English language mothers, the child also becomes better at reading, listening, and writing. Therefore, a parent's proficiency in the English language impacts a child's language learning process.

● Creates Higher Job Opportunities

Parents that teach English to their children from birth increases chances of cracking interviews and getting the desired job opportunity. Most mothers spend an exponentially more amount time compared to fathers, that are often breadwinners in India.

Therefore, a mother's proficiency in the English language would directly impact a child since birth. Moreover, children often begin communicating by addressing their parents as mother or father. Mothers that teach children English by reading stories or books can improve communication.

As the child grows, he or she will become proficient in English and the mother tongue. However, the adult would no longer have a mother tongue influence. Children that talk like a native English person can also develop better relationships in groups, classes, and gathering.

Therefore, they can have references throughout the world and discuss new growth opportunities as they become adults. Besides this, children also receive a chance to participate in events and add more value to their first job resume. Our institute also deals if someone wants to learn english from Bengali.

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