Friday, 11 June 2021

How Shopify Shoppable Instagram Can Drive Brand Sales & Conversions

In the last five years, Instagram has emerged as one of the prominent platforms to grow brands' reach and presence with the targeted audience. 

Instagram is the largest social media platform with over one billion active users around the globe. Seeing such higher user activity, Instagram created ample opportunities for brands to boost their sales by aggressively implementing marketing strategies. 

With the shoppable Instagram posts, many brands are acquiring tremendous amounts of sales that they never expect. Making millions of sales, Shoppable Instagram posts have become the must-go-to strategy for brands in this marketing era. 

From big eCommerce companies to small retail-shop stores, everyone establishes their business presence over Instagram to boost sales. 

Now, every brand, no matter small or big, is rigorously making efforts to establish its presence on online platforms. Hence, as Shopify provides simple, affordable, and easy solutions to the brands, it is easy for anyone to build their online presence. 

If you are a Shopify store owner, it's time for you to amalgamate both platforms, Instagram and Shopify, together to grow your brand and reach higher sales. 

So let's get started to learn more about Shopify Instagram shop

Why Does Instagram Shoppable Features Matters To Brands? 

Instagram offers its users a simple and quick way to purchase their favorite product or one that they love at first glance without wasting time searching for that product on eCommerce websites and search engines. 

Shoppable Instagram has reduced the time that people spend searching for their products. However, when people search for the product on the search engines, they also get to know about the similar other products of the category and at competitive prices are also available, this has lessened the favorability of the product, and your customer may like to purchase other products. 

The complications of the traditional online shopping method require lots of time to search for the product users like, and a long process of checkout leads to the abandonment of the shopping cart. 

Whereas Shoppable Instagram allows people to buy their product with social proof and make easy, pragmatic, and instant purchase decisions without leaving their favorite platform. 

With that, 80% of users like to follow businesses on Instagram, as they get to learn about new products, usability, and other people's engagement with the brand to find the best brand and product for their future purchases. 

Hence, Instagram shopping is expanding the effectiveness of online shopping by enhancing user experience with a better understanding of the product. 

Shopify X Shoppable Instagram Galleries

You might already be promoting your brand and its product on Instagram, utilizing the amazing features of Instagram that promote shoppable posts. 

As many brands are using social proof to boost their brand awareness and authenticity on websites, integrating shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify website will boost social proof and conversions on your Shopify website. 

With Shoppable Instagram posts, you are increasing the opportunities for sales that intensify your brand's growth in this highly compressive competitive market.

Below, you will get to know how shoppable Instagram posts are advantageous for brands to grow sales and revenue opportunities on the Shopify store.  

How Will Shoppable Instagram Grow Your Shopify Sales?

#1 Increase Customer Engagement

Integrating shoppable Instagram galleries on your Shopify store attracts the audience's attention instantly as visitors arrive at your store. 

These are attractive, engaging, and compelling that people like to spend some time exploring the Instagram feeds. 

Shoppable Instagram feeds provide your customers with unique content and a view of the product directly from Instagram, which entices people to engage with the vibrant content on the website. 

#2 Boost Customer Trust & Reliability On Brand

You can collect user-generated content from Instagram and turn it into shoppable feeds; this results in giving a realistic view of the product as it is shared by the loyal customers than professionally clicked product pictures. 

UGC advocates your brand with social proof and authenticity by displaying products and customers' experiences through the word-of-mouth marketing of the brand. 

When you add tags to your products in the Instagram UGC, it will boost the sales of your brand instantly and directly through the posts.

#3 Amplify Buyer's Journey

Shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify store will make it easy for your customers to buy the product as they can check the product description, reviews, social proof, and buy button straight when they are interacting with the user's post. 

Without searching for the product on the website, they will get the product from the Shoppable Instagram feed. 

#4 Fasten Conversions & Sales

Just embedding Instagram pictures on the website accumulates tremendous inspiration to the buyers, encouraging them to buy a similar product from the posts.

Now, when you provide inspiration content with the CTA, it is surprising to boost the conversion rate on your Shopify website.

So, What’s In The Box For You?

Taking a new step is always challenging for brands as it introduces the fear of change whether it will work or wasting resources. Well,  integrating Instagram Shoppable Feed into your marketing strategy might be a new change, but it comes with many fruits.

Instagram Shoppable feeds are doing an incredible job: they are bringing inspirations, influential, building social proof, and most importantly giving an opportunity to buy the product directly without going through the long process of searching for product to checkout. 

Instagram Shoppable Feeds help you streamline the buyer’s journey with your brand, easing the discoverability of the product. More or less, capitalizing on the Instagram Shoppable strategy eventually profitable to the brands and businesses. 

Now brands cannot doubt the ability of the Instagram Shoppable feeds as it is the Win, Win! Game for every brand whether a small or a highly popular one. 

Wrapping Up!

Boost your brand growth and sales with social proof. Leveraging user-generated content and turning it into shoppable feeds, make your Shopify store stand out from the competitors in line. 

Also, offer your customers a unique and vibrant experience to make a remarkable buyer journey on your website. 

Without further ado, start with integrating Shoppable Instagram on your Shopify website.

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