Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Learn to Live In The Moment- 5 Tips Might Help You

Your present is the only moment you have to live in!

Many of us have been through a lot of traumatic experiences in the past and things from the past still haunt us. However, learning to live in the moment is an important part of one’s journey of self-growth and healing.

Why is it important to live in the moment?

However, it is easier said than done. It takes a lot of courage to overcome your past experiences and to be in the present moment and regain all your potential. However, “how to live in the present moment” is the real problem. The answer of 'how to' is most difficult to find.

Sharing my own experience, I have been through a traumatic experience in the past and I found myself preoccupied with the thoughts of the past that were affecting my present and determining my future. After battling with this trauma for years, finally, I head to the best psychiatrist in Rawalpindi for psychological help.

Living in the moment- easier said than done!

Coming out of the motivational quotes on living in the moment and the printed T-shirt, the understanding of the concept is really important. No matter how inspired we feel after hearing the quotes like ‘live as if you will die today' or ‘live as there is no tomorrow’ but without funding out a way to do it, it all makes no sense.

Ways to live in the moment

When I was getting treated for my psychological issue at Rapid healing medical services at Rawalpindi my psychiatrist introduced me to many ways to help me with the practice. Among all those, the ways which helped me include;

1- Declutter for good

Decluttering both your physical and mental space to get rid of memories can probably help you. Many of us keep those unneeded things like the memory of the past that won’t let us forget the trauma and prevent us from living in the moment. Once this past possession won’t have power over you, it will be easy for you to realize the importance of the current moment.

2- Forgive what hurt you

Most people, no matter how long ago they have been through a certain experience, keep themselves surrounded by past traumas. Even if it’s in your thoughts, remember that not letting go of your past keeps you bound and allows the past traumas to control your present. So, for the sake of your inner peace forgive others and more importantly forgive yourself, for all the previous happenings.

3- Appreciate the moments of the day

Indulge yourself in your daily activity as much as possible. Enjoy the little things in life and be forgetful of what you have and how far you have come. Stop making unnecessary comparisons and appreciate the little things in life such as sounds, lights, emotions and success. Enjoy what you are doing and enjoy every second of it. When you learn to appreciate your present, you are less likely to get affected by past traumas.

4- Not just survive the work

Your job can help to live in the current moment. Learn to embrace and accept the new challenge whole-heartedly. When you find peace at work, it will keep your body and mind engaged for a long time. Remember not to overindulge to escape your emotions but it could also lead to drastic consequences. However, rather than just surviving your work, make an effort to enjoy and put in all your efforts to achieve the maximum outcomes.

5- Aim high for the future

No matter what you have gone through in the past, thinking of your future could be an effective solution to make sure you are present more enjoyable. When you just survive everything and don’t dream about what’s coming your way, you are less likely to find excitement in anything. However, don’t over dream about your future so that it stops you from being in the present and worrying about the future.

Bottom Line!

Our mental health is as crucial as our physical health and our past experiences tend to affect it to a greater extent. When it comes to our emotional health, our efforts make a real difference. Living in the present moment is the only way to help yourself overcome your past traumas and live an enjoyable life.

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