Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Many people want to improve their home’s curb appeal but lack the ideas to do so. If you’re one of those who experience this, this article is a great help. Read on to learn a few tips for upgrading your home’s exterior.

Tip No. 1: Add Plants

Most home exterior contractors and experts agree that adding new plants to a lawn is one of the best ways to make a house look more appealing. Don’t worry about the expenses because there are plenty of shrubs, flowers, and small trees that are affordable and low-maintenance. This means you don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money to buy and keep them looking fresh all year round. Here are a few examples of plants you can get:

Bougainvillea – This ornamental vine is famous for its peculiar-looking flowers that are usually red, fuchsia, light pink, purple, or orange. It’s an extremely versatile option, which can be used as a hedge, ground cover, or potted plant. In some cases, it can even be cultivated to make arches near the doorway. 

Succulents – Famous for their fleshy leaves and stems, succulents need very little maintenance. They’ll remain fresh and green even if you water them occasionally. If you want to use them to improve your house’s appearance, all you need to do is to put them in cute pots and display them on your porch.

Chrysanthemum – This perennial plant is famous for its flowers that come in a multitude of colors and sizes. It lives for more than two years, and the flowers bloom beautifully when they get a lot of sunlight.

It’s important to note that even if you use low-maintenance plants, it’s still necessary to trim them from time to time. This prevents them from growing too tall and bushy and obstructing the view from the inside of your house.

Tip No. 2: Change Your Sidings   

If you have enough budget, it’s a great idea to change your sidings. Doing so will make your house look new. And the best part of changing your sidings is, there are plenty of different materials to choose from. Here are a few good examples:

Wood – Choose wood if you want to give your house a rustic and vintage charm. It’s a fairly low-maintenance and durable option, and it can last for at least twenty years depending on the type of timber. Cedar, oak, and pine are among the most common options because they have patterned grains that can be highlighted by staining. Aside from that, they are extremely tough, so they’re sure to last for many years without sustaining too much damage.

Vinyl – This one is considered a low-cost option. It’s a synthetic material made from plastic, and it comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Although it’s inexpensive, it’s still pretty durable. It’s resistant to water, bugs, and mold, so it can last for at least two decades. But one of the few downsides of this material is, its colors fade over time after being constantly exposed to heat and rain.

Metal – Metal sidings are considered to be one of the most durable options. They are expected to last for the whole lifespan of your home. Aside from its durability, this material can give your house an industrial-looking appearance, which can be pretty unique and appealing in its own way. You can also paint metal sidings in any color to suit your tastes. 

Whichever option you prefer, it’s important to call home exterior contractors to set up your new sidings. Proper installation ensures that your new sidings will look good and won’t get peeled off easily.

Tip No. 3: Repaint Your Door  

In some cases, simply repainting the door can do wonders for the outside appearance of your house. Choose a color that can enhance and complement the existing paint of your home’s exterior. Neutral tones, like white, brown, and light gray are easy to partner with any other color. However, no one’s stopping you from painting your door with bold colors, like pink, blue, green, or red. These bright tones are extremely eye-catching and will surely make your house look extra appealing.

These are just a few tips for change the appearance of your house and improving your curb appeal. You can contact a home enhancement expert if you want to give your residence a total makeover.

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