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5 Tips for Every Salesforce Developer in 2021

As a Salesforce Developer, it is vital to remain updated with each new Salesforce release. As many as thrice a year, Salesforce releases features, updates, and even new frameworks or languages. With every release, something that was not possible earlier becomes possible. For instance, in spring last year, they came up with a ' WITH SECURITY ENFORCED' feature that gave everyone a new opportunity to check field level permission and objects in SOQL.

With that being said, here's listing out a couple of tips that every Salesforce Developer needs to keep in mind. It will make your work easier and your performance better. So, let's get started without further ado.

What Exactly Does Salesforce Do For You?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that aids in bringing companies and customers together. Think of it as an integrated customer relationship management platform that provides different departments, like sales, services, marketing, commerce, and every customer's single and shared view. Also, AngularJS can enhance the page UI and cut down the time of development. Thus, an AngularJS App Development Company can make the performance soar for any business in significantly less time.

Salesforce is cloud-based software, so it does not need IT professionals to set up anything. It has completely changed the way enterprise software gets viewed and used. Additionally, it has also been beneficial in laying down deeper bonds with the customers.

The Most Common Uses of Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management platform, and all the customer processes happen to be use cases. The most common use cases of the CRM solution are:

  • Tracking and managing all the customers of the business
  • Optimization of the deals and pipeline that your sales team is currently working on
  • Generating and taking interested buyers to your services and products
  • Tracking customer complaints and product issues through multiple channels
  • Assessment of business conditions through a thorough analysis of data

Crucial Tips for Every Salesforce Developer In 2021

Many things have changed in the past two years, and so have the things you need to keep in mind as a Salesforce developer. On that note, here is a list of five things that you should never forget this year. Read on!

1. Sharing Rules Required For All the Classes

As you know, for Visualforce page controllers and trigger helpers, you always need to use the 'with sharing' keyword for enforcing user permission and access. It'll also get enforced for Aura, and LWC (Lightning Web Component) based Apex classes from the latter half.

Generally, Apex classes run in the system mode. As a result, the credentials of the current user do not help execute Apex logic, and the field-level security and the user's permission are not automatically applied. After the release, you will have to offer the sharing permission for each Aura Enabled class, so it'll be consistent with the access to the Visualforce page controller. 

2. Use The Safe Navigation Operator For The Best Results

You can use the Safe Navigation Operator, as well. As the developers, you tend to worry about Null pointer exceptions, but you can use Safe Navigation Operator to resolve this issue as of this year. You used to write at least two to three lines of codes for checking null exceptions, but now it's possible in one line.

3. Salesforce Dynamic Forms For Creating Custom Detail Page UI

Salesforce Dynamic Forms is not only a feature for the admins because it also helps the developers steer clear of redundant coding. The basic premise of Dynamic Forms is creating intuitive, user-centric layouts to display the correct details at the right time. Over time, the 'Details' part in the Lightning pages, or the page layout, tends to get congested with fields. 

The fields might be essential but not to all users and at all times. The closest resolution you might need to create is multiple page layouts and different profiles, which are config and labor-intensive. The use of Dynamic Forms will let you:

  • Place fields at all places on your layout without the need to add them to the conventional page layout
  • Utilize visibility rules for making components and fields disappear and appear depending on the criteria you select
  • Remove the multiple page layouts
  • Enhance the loading time of every page

After creating or migrating to a new lightning record page, you will get the option to include a 'field section' aspect that will let you add fields directly to your lightning record page.

4. Learn Best Practices through LWC and Apex Recipe in the Developer Org

Apex Recipes happen to be this library of meaningful, concise instances of code for the common use cases following the best practices. Instances include writing good triggers and the mode of making a callout and creating an Async class.

At the same time, LWC Recipes will offer examples and code for Lightning Web Components like combining two components, creating a form, connecting LWC with Apex, and so on.

5. EnsuXre the Presence of Field-Level Security in Apex

Salesforce came with the System.AccessType class for checking CRUD access in Apex, and it has recently included the UPSERTABLE enum method in this particular class. At present, Salesforce has come up with the strip accessible way for enforcing object and field level checks for both updates and insert.

Three are three main ways for you to use strip In accessible:

  • Stripping the fields that are inaccessible to the present user from subquery and query results
  • Removing the inaccessible from sObjects before starting a DML operation to steer clear of exceptions
  • Sanitizing sObjects that are now deserialized from several untrusted sources

The Bottom Line

Now you have all the knowledge regarding what you need to do as a Salesforce developer. It will help you bring more precision to what you do, and the clients will be happy. So, without any more delay, try out these tips for yourself today and see the results. You will be able to make the most of Salesforce this way.

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